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Gainsight Data Permissions

This article explains how access to data from different Gainsight and Salesforce objects through Gainsight applications can be restricted to specific users. For example, Admins can create an access rule for the Sales team in the US East region to access only the companies in that region. 


  • Data Permissions can be applied only on Gainsight users, which means data access is restricted to only Gainsight users.
  • Gainsight user should have been authorized with Gainsight Special Permission Set in Salesforce to configure Sharing Settings.
  • Gainsight org should have been authorized MDA.
  • Gainsight should have been installed standard objects.
  • Gainsight should have been enabled Salesforce Connector for user sync.
  • A remote site setting should have been added to your Salesforce remote sites. For more information on how to add remote sites, refer to the Configure Remote Site Settings Salesforce article.


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