The Customer360 page provides a DETAIL page and a TIMELINE page.  The DETAIL page provides a consolidated view of individual customer information by pulling data from a variety of sources. Use the C360 to prepare for customer calls or meetings. Your organization may include more, fewer, or different sections in your C360 Details view.  

The TIMELINE page can be used to log Activities, such as Updates, Calls, Meetings, and Emails, along with notes from their customer interactions. The C360 Timeline view is automatically visible to users, and Admins can customize the layout for each of the activity types. For more information on Timeline, refer to the Use C360/R360 Timeline and Activities article.

If you have suggestions about what to include in the C360, contact your Gainsight Administrator. Admins, for more information on how to configure the C360, refer to the Configure the C360 Page & Section Types article.

Navigate to the C360

From any page in the application, click a customer name to open their 360 view, or use the global search to lookup an customer or relationship name. If you are already on the C360 view and want to navigate to a different customer’s C360, use the search option in the upper right corner.

Note: Admins can configure the Customer Search Feature to include the desired fields. For more information, refer to the Configuring Customer Search Settings (C360) article.

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Review Customer’s Summary Data

Summary fields on the right and the widgets in the middle display the most important information and metrics about your customer.

Summary Abbett.png

Review Customer Health Scorecard

Use the menu on the left to navigate between the important sections of the 360 view. Or, click Enable Scroll in the upper right, at any time in order to scroll through all of the sections of the C360.

  • See how your customer’s health is trending on the measures that your organization deems most important.
  • (Optional) Modify any qualitative measures based on your knowledge of the customer. Click the score and adjust accordingly using the slider. Click the checkmark to save your changes to the score. If the score is still valid, use the Renew Score option to update the date associated with the score.

For more information, refer to the Scorecards 2.0 article.

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Review Open Support Cases or Tickets

In this section you can view:

  • Cases for your customer and their status.
  • View the case details by clicking on the the eye icon.
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Review open CTAs for your customer

If Cockpit is configured as a C360 section, you can view CTAs for your customer.
Note: This view defaults to Open CTAs. You can change the view to show only Closed CTAs in the upper right corner.

  • Click CTA name or the number of tasks to access the details, just as you would from Cockpit.
Screenshot-2018-5-22 Absorb Software C360(4).png

Review Survey and NPS® Responses

Recent and historical NPS® Survey results are visible on the NPS® Responses tab. The NPS® dial displays the average NPS® score for a particular survey, depending on how many people from that customer participated in the survey. 

Screenshot-2018-5-22 Absorb Software C360(5).png
  • To view detailed survey responses, click the Survey Responses tab, and then click the eye icon.


Track Employer or Contact Info Changes among Customer Sponsors

Click the + SPONSOR button to add contacts to Sponsor Tracking. For more information on Sponsor Tracking, refer to the How to Use Sponsor Tracking article.

Track Employer or Contact Info Changes among Customer Sponsors

Review Customer’s Current Usage Data

Monitor the trends of key customer metrics in the Usage section. Usage refers to the customer’s usage of your product or service.

Review Customer’s Current Usage Data
  • Click Usage Reports from the secondary navigation to view the usage reports of the customer.
Screenshot-2018-5-22 Absorb Software C360(6).png
  • Use the legend to view the usage of the customer in that particular section. 

  • On the pie chart, click a slice to view the usage in a more detailed view.
  • To export the report as an image, click the Settings gear.
  • To change the report visualization type, click Select Visualization Type icon.


Timeline View

In the TIMELINE view, users can log Activities, such as Updates, Calls, Meetings, and Emails, along with notes from their customer interactions. For more information, refer to the Use Timeline and Activities article.

6.18 Log Activities to Timeline 1.2.png

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