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Tutorial: Add File Links as a Related List to the C360

This tutorial walks you through how to create a related list of files that have been attached to Account records in Salesforce, and then display this list on the C360. For the purposes of this tutorial, we assume that files have already been attached to Account records in Salesforce. For more information on attaching files in Salesforce, please see this document.

Below is an example of a file attachment in Salesforce:


Note: It is not possible for the C360 to directly display documents that are attached to Accounts in Salesforce. The related list displays a link to where the document is stored in Salesforce for viewing or downloading.

Create the Related List

  1. Navigate to the Report Builder.
  2. Click +REPORT in the top-right to create a new report.
  3. Select the Attachment object as your data source.
  4. Select fields in the Show me section of the report that you would like to display on the C360. These fields will be related to the files you have attached in Salesforce. For example, we selected the Account Name, the File Name, the Content-Type of the file, and the Created Date of the file. Below is an example report: 


5. Enter a report name and Save the report.

Add the list to the Customer360

  1. Navigate to Administration > C360 Layouts, and edit the relevant layout (or create a new one).
  2. In the relevant layout, drag the Section/Embed Page option from the left pane to the right, and click the Configuration gear on the new section. You can use the pencil icon to change the name of this section.


  1. Under Type: Select Related List to create a section based on reports.

  2. Under Source, select the Attachment object, since that’s the object our report is based off of.

  3. Select reports to be shown in this section: After you select a source, the list of all reports configured using the object are displayed. Select the report you created in the previous section.

  4. Save the configurations.

Access the file from the C360

Navigate to the C360 for a relevant customer to view the related list. Below is an example of how the related list will appear:


  1. In order to access the attached file, click the eye icon under the action column of the related list. The pencil icon gives the option to edit the name of the attachment.Abbett2.png
  2. This will direct you to where the file is stored in Salesforce. From there, it can be viewed and edited.Snip20170331_7.png

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