This tutorial describes how to embed your Box account with the Gainsight app on the Customer360 Details page. Embedding Box in the C360 allows users to store/share files related to your respective customers.

Note: These instructions are also valid for setting up Box as a section of the R360.

Tutorial Assumptions:

  • You are aware of how to set URL parameters and the base URL for Box.
  • You already have a Box folder structure in place, which includes a folder for each of your accounts. (If you don't have a folder structure in place yet, see below.)

Configure C360 Embedded Section

  1. Navigate to Administration > C360 Layouts, and click edit on the relevant Layout.
  2. Drag the Section/Embed Page option from the left column over to the right.
  3. Click the configuration gear on the new section.
  4. From the Type drop-down box, select Embed Page.
  5. Enter the following URL: in the URL text box.
  6. Enter 400 in Height.
  7. Click on Bundled Parameter and enter the value as token in the text box.

9. Click on the Parameter icon beside token to enter the parameters (key-value pairs) above.


10. Click on the Parameter icon beside Bundled parameter to enter the parameters (key-value pairs) above.

11. Click on Bundled parameter or on Parameter to enter appropriate values.

Text boxes and drop-down box appears.

12. Click Save.

13. Back in the layout, click the edit icon (pencil) and enter Box in Show Label. This label appears on the embedded page.

14. Select Customer360 in Show in. This helps you display the embedded Box page on the customer’s 360 View page.

15. Click Save.

The embedded Box page can now be seen in the C360 Details page.

Using Box in the C360 without an established folder structure

It's possible to use the Box embedded page in Gainsight without creating a specific folder structure in Box. You will first need to install Box for Salesforce. Then, the embedded page will need to use the same parameters as described above, and your integration will work similar to how the Box widget works on an Account page in Salesforce. 

The first time you access an account, a folder will be created and linked to the Salesforce account record. After that, all users should see the same folder, and any file uploaded from the C360 Box section will be saved in that folder.