• Chatter must be enabled on the CTA at either the Account or Customer level.  To verify this, navigate to Administration > Workflow > Calls to Action.
  • You will also need the necessary SFDC permissions to create a new VisualForce page and a new C360 section

New VisualForce Page

New VisualForce Page

Use the following code when making the VisualForce page:

<apex:page showHeader="false" sideBar="false" >
 <style> body{padding: 15px;} </style>
 <chatter:feed entityId="{!$CurrentPage.parameters.cid}"/>


Preview Page

Preview Page

After you've saved the VisualForce page, click the Preview button.  A new page will display in a separate window.  Copy the URL that's in the window.

In this example, the URL I have is

Add C360 Section

Navigate to Administration > C360 Layouts > [click edit on the relevant layout] > drag and drop the Section/Embed Page option on the left over to the right.




  1. Click the configuration gear on the new section.
  2. Type: Choose Embed Page
  3. URL Box: Here is where you will input the URL we copied from the Preview section (
  4. Height: The recommended height is 400 pixels
  5. Parameter: Choose Parameter and if you are using Chatter at the Account Level use Account::Id as the parameter.  If you're posting at the Customer level use the Customer::Id field as the parameter.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Back in the sections list, click the edit icon (pencil) to add the section name in Show Label, and confirm Show in has the 360 selected.
  8. Click Save.