At Gainsight, we use GetSatisfaction to power our online Community site. Our Community members post questions, share best practices, and make feature suggestions. Because we take our customer’s feedback very seriously, we integrated feature request data from our Community site with our own instance of Gainsight.

If your organization uses GetSatisfaction too, you can integrate Community posts into Gainsight by:

  1. Configuring the GetSatisfaction Connector for Salesforce
  2. Building a report in Gainsight’s Report Builder
  3. Creating a new C360 section to display the report

GetSatisfaction Connector for Salesforce

On Gainsight’s Community site, we require users to post as members (rather than anonymously). The member’s email address serves as the identifier that ties their posts to the contact and account records in SFDC. At this time, we don’t track which members are clicking me too, follow, or vote, on questions and ideas posted in Community, but we can collect a count of this data.

Build Feature Request Report

  1. Navigate to Administration > Report Builder and click +REPORT.
  2. Select the Product Feature Request subject area to build the report on.
  3. In Show me, add fields you want to see in the report, such as:
  • Requester/Customer name
  • Account Name
  • Subject (of feature request)
  • Original Submitted Date
  • Request Status (planned, not planned, under consideration, etc.)
  • Sum of Followers + Me Toos
  • Community Post ID
  1. Click APPLY.
  2. Enter a name for your report and click SAVE.

Create C360 Section to Display Report

To create C360 section to display report:

  1. Navigate to Administration > C360 Layouts, click edit on the relevant Layout, and drag the Section/Embed page option from the left column to the right.
  2. Click the configuration gear icon in the new section.
  3. Leave the section type set to Related List, and select Feature Requests as the source object to pull report data from.
  4. Select the reports you want to include in the C360 section, and select a default report.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click the edit icon (pencil) on the section to enter a name for the section.
  7. In Show in, select the Customer360, and optionally the widgets.
Create C360 Section to Display Report

Sample C360 Section

When users are on the Customer360 page, they can view the new section and its related reports:

Information: In Administration > Analytics, the Gainsight 360 feature enables customers to view their organization's 'Gainsight product usage data' through a separate layout (report) configured by Gainsight Admin/BizOps. Gainsight 360 does not include information on Gainsight customer's customers. Customers need to send a request to to have the Gainsight 360 feature enabled. For more information, refer to the View Gainsight 360 article.