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360 FAQs

Can I edit the information in the Customer 360?

Yes, you can (and should!) keep the information up to date, especially the information in the Summary (e.g. Stage), Attributes (e.g. Segment), and Scorecard (manual measures) sections. Note that some fields may not be editable, based on how your Gainsight Admin has configured them, so you will need to make those updates in the actual data source.

Why would I use the Customer 360 instead of Salesforce?

The Customer 360 consolidates data from multiple sources, so you do not have to hop around to find it. From the Customer 360, you can easily find and update most customer information, without the need to go to Salesforce (and there is easy access to the Account, Opportunity, etc. when needed). There is also integration with the rest of Gainsight (CTAs, support cases, etc.)

Can I create different layouts for different customers or users?

Yes, you can create multiple layouts for different accounts (by segment, stage, industry, etc.) and different users (executives vs. CSMs).

What’s the difference between the Customer 360 and the Relationship 360?

Whereas the Customer 360 is a 360-degree view of your account, the Relationship 360 is a 360-degree view of a single relationship with your customer. Relationships allow you to model and manage complex customer structures, such as multiple products or business units. For more information on Relationships, refer to Relationships Overview.


Common Issues

The Attributes section has too many fields.

Review the existing fields and identify the fields that are not critical to have in your Attributes section. In general, this section should only contain fields that frequently need to be accessed or updated. If a field does not fall into either of these criteria, you should consider removing it from the section. Alternatively, you can create multiple Attributes section if you want to maintain these fields, but organize them in a way that is easier for your CSMs to use.

The Contacts section is not up to date.

Contact clean-up is an essential part of maintaining effective customer success processes. CSMs should be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of these contacts, particularly their “roles”, which determine who receives what emails, surveys, etc. To help CSMs stay on top of their contacts, consider implementing an ongoing notification to CSMs with a report of their latest contacts, asking them to ensure that they’re up to date.

When I try to mail a Shared 360 view, I see the "No results found" error while searching for the Contact in the "Choose Contacts" field on the "Email Layout" page.

The Shared 360 feature works only on the records located in the Person object. It does not work on the records located in Contacts object. You must load your Contacts data to Company Person object. Refer the Load to Company Person Action type, for more information on loading data to Company Person Object.

Our usage data is not accurate.

There may be a variety of reasons for why the data is not accurate. You may want to check the following:

  • Is the data coming in less frequently than expected?
  • Was there a data ingest failure?
  • Are ad blockers being used (and therefore preventing the collection of page view data)?

The Open Cases widget in the Summary section is not accurate.

The Open Cases widget pulls data from the Case object in Salesforce. If you are using a different object, you will need to configure this separately. For more information on how to do this, refer to Customer 360 Summary Section Configuration.


When I share a C360 page, I see that there is a mismatch in data. C360 and Shared 360 pages are showing different content.  

You must have a Lookup to the Account Object. Ensure that you first create this lookup before sharing a C360 page, via Shared 360.

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