Success Snapshots enables you to create PowerPoint presentations using data and graphs from Gainsight. You can use your corporate-branded PowerPoint file, select Customer Info fields, add Adoption reports from the C360 and reports from Report Builder, and create a custom presentation file for your next Executive Business Review, for example. Once you setup a Success Snapshots report, you can export a presentation file for any customer from the Customer 360. In addition, Success Snapshot templates may be used to export Success Plans from the Customer 360.

To configure your corporate-branded PowerPoint template for use with Success Snapshots, please follow the steps below. If you do not upload a custom template, a blank PowerPoint will be used during export. Gainsight uses the style in your Master slide blank layout to generate all of the layout types available in Success Snapshots. In general, in order to upload successfully, the PowerPoint must have the following attributes.

PowerPoint requirements

  • It may or may not have any slides. If a PowerPoint presentation containing slides is uploaded, the Success Snapshot is appended to the existing slides.
  • It cannot be larger than 5MB

  • Blank layout should not contain any editable placeholders (like Title or Content)
  • It must contain a Blank layout type in the Master slides (must be named Blank -- currently this is case sensitive)

  • It must have a 16:9 aspect ratio (10” x 5.625”)
  • Optional: you may include a custom Title slide
; it must be named Title Slide

If you prefer to use a blank PowerPoint template, you can proceed with the steps outlined in the Configure Success Snapshot Template article. To watch an 8-minute training video on how to prepare your file, configure the template, and export Success Snapshots, click here.

Configure your Corporate-branded PowerPoint file

  1. Open your Corporate-branded PowerPoint file, click Home, and delete ALL of the slides. You may also choose not to delete the slides as you can even use your existing PowerPoint presentation with slides in it.
  1. Click the Themes tab > Edit Master > Slide master and delete all of the slide layout types in your Corporate PPT file, except for the Title slide (optional).

  1. Under Slide Master, click New Layout to add a blank layout. Right-click on the blank layout slide in the slide master view on the left, select Rename Layout, and rename it Blank. Then click Rename to save your changes (optional).
  1. If you want your company logo or text to be repeated on all the slides, click Slide > Edit Master and insert the image or text box on the Master slide.
  1. Under Slide Master, click Home > Theme Colors to change the font color.
  1. Your PowerPoint may already have an aspect ratio of 16:9. To check, and if necessary, adjust the aspect ratio to 16:9, follow these steps:
  • On a Mac: Navigate to Themes > Page setup > Select “Widescreen(16:9)”
 (newer versions of PPT may say "On-screen Show 16:9")
  • In Windows: Click View > Slide Master > Custom Slide Size > slide size (Widescreen 16:9)

Now you may proceed to create a new Success Snapshots report and upload the PPT file you just created using these instructions.