IMPORTANT: Gainsight has removed the ability to create new 1.0 Snapshots and with the October v6.18 release, the edit and export functionalities of the Success Snapshots 1.0 have been disabled permanently. We have improved the functionality in Success Snapshots 2.0, including enhanced control over the template layouts, better support for your branding elements, and support for slides with multiple content types. For detailed information on how to configure the 2.0 Snapshots, refer to the Configure Success Snapshots 2.0 Template article.

This article explains how Admins can configure Success Snapshot templates. Success Snapshots enables users to generate PowerPoint presentations containing data and graphs from Gainsight. Admins can upload a corporate-branded PowerPoint file, select Customer Info fields, add Adoption reports from the C360/R360 and reports from Report Builder, and create a custom presentation template for CSMs to use in their next Executive Business Review, for example. Once Admins setup a Success Snapshots template, CSMs can export a presentation file for any customer from the Customer/Relationship 360. In addition, Success Snapshot templates are used to export Success Plans from the Customer/Relationship 360.

To watch an 8-minute training video on how to prepare your file, configure the template, and export Success Snapshots, click here. For end user instructions, see Export Success Snapshot Presentation.


  • Gainsight has released a new version of Success Snapshots called Success Snapshots 2.0, which has more advanced features than this version. You will also see this version of Success Snapshots in the Administration pane, both features can be used in parallel with each other. But, Gainsight strongly recommends you to use Success Snapshots 2.0 as a primary method for creating Success Snapshot template.

Success Snapshot for Relationships 

You can now add a Success Snapshot for a relationship, and then export the relationship snapshot from the R360. During the presentation configuration, you can add tokens for Relationship fields as well as Relationship reports. Currently, Relationship usage reports are not available for inclusion in Success Snapshots.


There are two permissions required for creating Success Snapshot templates. If you're a SFDC Admin, navigate to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > [Edit your Profile Name] > Administrative Permissions and select the Manage Public Documents checkbox. Additionally, you need the Create permissions on the Salesforce Documents object. Otherwise, you may need to contact your SFDC Admin to obtain these permissions. For more information on how to create a Success Snapshot, refer Configure Success Snapshots 2.0 Template.


  1. Go to Administration > MDA Services > Matrix Data Architecture Settings.

  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select Matrix Data Architecture Connection, Exporting services, and Success Snapshot check boxes.
  4. Click Save.
  • Admins must create a Success Snapshot template, and CSMs must create a Success Plan for the relevant customer.
  • Optionally, you may include a Success Plan placeholder in the Success Snapshot template. If a placeholder is not included in your Success Snapshot template, the plan can still be exported. The plan slides will be added to the end of the presentation file.

To export only the Success Plan, navigate to the Success Plans section on the C360. Click the three orange dots, and select Export Plan as PPT. For more information, see the Exporting Success Plans article.

Create A New Success Snapshot Template

1. Navigate to Administration > Success Snapshots. Click +CREATE NEW SUCCESS SNAPSHOT to get started.

2. Fill out the following details:


  • Design Snapshot For - Select Account or Relationship (Required)
  • Snapshot Name (Required)
  • Description (Optional)
  • Include Snapshot in Customer 360 (only leave unchecked if in draft mode and not ready for use)

3. Click Upload pptx file to continue.

Upload or Select pptx file

On this screen you will see two tabs:
  • Upload: Choose a PowerPoint file from your computer.

  • Existing: Pick from a list of templates that were previously uploaded in your org, or use the default blank template. 

**Your Powerpoint file must be in a specific format in order to upload successfully. Follow the directions in the Prepare Your File for Success Snapshots for uploading to Administration > Success Snapshots.**

4. Once you have uploaded a supported file, select your file (or the blank template) from the Existing tab.


5. Click Save & Continue.

Note: You can delete a template by clicking the X after the file name. Only one template can be in use at a time.

Design the Template Structure

The first tab in the design section is called "SLIDE OUTLINE".


To view the slides that have been previously uploaded, toggle the Uploaded slides option to ON.



  • The Uploaded slides option is not available when there are no slides present in the uploaded template.

  • Click the 3.png icon corresponding to a slide to preview an uploaded slide.

To upload a new slide, click +NEW SLIDE.


The 5 types of slides supported are displayed as options. Pick the type of slide to be applied.

Reports built on Data Spaces can be added to C360 sections, and included in Success Snapshots. Data Spaces will have a default account lookup from now on. Admins may select a default account lookup field in Data Spaces.     

In the following example, the selected Source Object - Demo_dataspace (dataspace) has three associated reports.

Admins have the option to select data space (Demo_dataspace) as the Source, any associated reports, and the specific account lookup at C360 Layouts.

Reports built on Data Spaces can also be included in Success Snapshots as shown in the following image.

Customize the Title Slide

From a title slide you will have the option to add text as well as tokens.
  • If you add a token, the report will automatically substitute the actual value based on the customer for whom the report is being run.  
  • Fields from the Customer Info object are supported.


1. Put your cursor where you wish to place the token and click Add Token. This option will be available from all slide types. Click the Token placeholder to select a field value.

2. Click SAVE to continue.

Add Slides to Template

To add another slide, click the SLIDE OUTLINE tab. From here you can:
  • Edit existing slides
  • Delete existing slides
  • Add New Slide (+ NEW SLIDE)


Once the slides are in place, you can change the order in which they appear by simply dragging and dropping as per your preference.


Configure Slides

Image Slides

Image slides can be created with the Title and Content, Comparison, or Two Content slide types.

To add an image:

  • Click the image icon.  
  • Click Upload Image

  • Choose to upload an existing image or upload a new image
  • After the image is placed in the container, click SAVE to save the changes you have made.
Report Slides
Reports slides can be added to the Title and Content, Comparison, or Two Content slide types.

Click the graph icon at the bottom of the slide to add a report that was created using Reports 2.0.

  • Select the report area and then the report name
  • Filter data for individual customers: This option helps customers to filter data for reports based on SFDC account id when exported from the 360.
  • For tabular reports, click the settings icon to determine what columns will be displayed on the report
Customer360 Slides

The adoption section from the Customer 360 can be added by clicking the 360 icon at the bottom of the slide.

Select the adoption measure and duration that should be displayed.
Create Text Slides

To add text, click the "T" text icon at the bottom of the slide  

  • The font size, color and other elements will be consistent with the default selections in the pptx file you have uploaded.  
  • To insert merge fields from the Customer Info object, place your cursor where you want the text to go and click Add Token.
  • Click Save.
Success Plan Slides

Success Plan content can only be added to the Title and Content slide type.

To add the Success Plan placeholder to your template, click the flag icon at the bottom of the slide. Including the Success Plan is optional. If a Success Plan placeholder is not included in your Success Snapshot template, users will still be able to export the Success Plan from the Customer360 > Success Plan section. The Success Plan slides will just be added to the end of the presentation file.

Complete and Save the Template

Once you have completed the configuration of the Success Snapshot template, go back to the SLIDE OUTLINE tab and click Done. From the message shown above, click Ok and your template will now be available for use from the Customer 360 page.

Export Success Snapshot Presentation

Refer to Export Success Snapshot Presentations for information on how end users can export the Success Snapshot presentation from the C360/R360.