The attributes section of the Customer 360 Details page allows you to display fields from the account and CustomerInfo record. This article will walk through the steps to setup the Attributes section.

C360 Layouts

  1. Navigate to Administration > C360 Layouts, and click edit on the relevant layout.


  1. Click the Settings (gear icon) on the Attributes section.


  1. Click +Field to add fields from the Customer Info object as attributes. In addition, you can mark these attributes as Editable for end users.
  2. Click Save. Once you have configured the Attributes section, an Edit button appears in the Attributes section of the Customer 360 Details page, that can be used to edit attribute values.


  • You no longer need to configure the Attributes section from UI Views > Customer 360.
  • Encrypted text field cannot be added to attributes section.
  • Rich text fields can be added to the attributes section. However, we support the following formatting options.
  • Rich text fields include hidden characters that count towards their character limit.
  • Standard fields on Customer Info object and geolocation fields cannot be edited from this section.
  • If Field-Level Security for Profile is set for a field, it overrides the Editable permission that is set using Customer 360 > Attributes.
  • Attributes can display Help Text content entered in the field definition of SFDC Attributes. This content can only be configured in the fields section of the attributes source object in SFDC. End users can view the Help Text by hovering over the "i" icon next to relevant Gainsight Attributes.

Add Multiple Attribute sections to the Customer 360 page

Admins can add multiple Attribute sections to the C360 page from Administration > C360 Layouts. Using an Attributes section, you can group relevant fields in a section and show it in the C360 page. Similarly, you can add multiple attribute sections to the C360 layout and group relevant fields together. For example, you can group churn attributes together in a single section.