Click-to-Call allows the user to make telephone calls over the Internet using a computer. For customers with a SFDC call center integration (with Cirrus, RingCentral), you can now click on the Account/Contacts phone number to call the customer from the Customers tab, the C360 Contacts section, or the C360 Summary section (for Account phone #).


Admins must perform the following procedures to ensure smooth functioning of the Click-to-Call functionality.

1.  (Optional) Installing a demo call center adapter. If you do not have a call center that is already configured, you can use this demo adapter to test the Click-to-Call functionality.

2. Enable SoftPhone Settings.

3. Ensure Call Center Settings.

4. Enable Click-to-Call Functionality.

5. Manage Users.

See Also:

Enable SoftPhone Settings

To enable SoftPhone settings:

1. Go to Salesforce Setup > Personal Setup > Call Center Settings > My SoftPhone Settings.

2. Select Automatically log in to your call center when logging into

3. Click Save.


Ensure Call Center Settings

Ensure that you are using an absolute URL in your call center settings.

To ensure the use of absolute URL in call center settings:

1. Go to Salesforce Setup > App Setup > Customize > Call Center > Call Centers.

2. Click Continue.

3. Click on the existing call center link.

4. Ensure that CTI Adapter URL is an absolute URL. This is your instance URL.


Enable Click-to-Call Functionality

To enable Click-to-Call functionality:

1. Go to Salesforce Setup > App Setup > Custom Settings > Feature Configuration > Manage.

2. Click New; in the Name field, enter the value as CLICK TO CALL.


3. Click Save.

Manage Users

To manage users for the click-to-call functionality:

1. Navigate to Setup. In the Search field, search for call centers and click Call Centers; then click Continue.


2. Click on the existing call center link.


3. Under Call Center Users, click Manage Call Center Users.


4. Click Add More Users and then click Find. This displays a list of all the available users.


5. Select the users and then click Add to Call Center. The selected users would be able to use the Click-to-Call functionality once it is enabled and configured.

Disable "Enable Collapsible Sidebar"

1. Go to Salesforce Setup > App Setup > Customize > User Interface > un-check "Enable Collapsible Sidebar."

Disable "Enable Collapsible Sidebar"

How to Display Account and Contact Phone Number Fields on Customers Tab

In order to display the Account phone number on the Customers tab, and the Contact phone number in the Contacts section, Admins must configure the relevant UI View and C360 Contacts report.

To display the Account Phone Number in the C360 Summary section:

1. Navigate to Administration > C360 Layouts, select the relevant Layout, and click the configuration gear on the Summary section.

2. Add the Account Phone Number from the Fields list on the left to the Preview area. (maximum of 6 fields)

3. Click Save.

To display the Contact Phone Number in the C360 Contacts section:

1. If you are displaying a report in the C360 Contacts section, navigate to Administration > Report Builder and locate the relevant Contacts report(s) in the report repository. Or, if you are displaying a UI View in the C360 Contacts section, navigate to Administration > UI Views, and locate the relevant UI View.

2. Add the Contact Phone Number to the report(s), or UI View(s).

3. Click Save.