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Configure 360 Person Section


This article explains how admins can configure the Person Section in C360/R360 layouts. This configuration includes adding fields to the list and detail view configuration of the Person section and adding fields that will be available for CSMs while adding a person in the C360/R360 Person section. You can add a new Person section from either Global or Local sections to the C360/R360 layouts from the C360/R360 Layouts configuration page. The Person section in the C360/R360 page displays the list of people associated with the specific company or relationship, as well as their personal and association details, fetched from the Gainsight Person Model. For more information on this model, refer to Gainsight Person Model.

Person Section in C360

Person section in C360 can be used to view the list of people associated with a company based on data from the Gainsight Person Model. You can add a new section called ‘Person’ to C360 from Administration > C360 Layouts page. In the Person section, you can view records of people that you interact with while working with the Customer. Person records include name, phone, email, social media profiles, company, etc. The Person section is designed to display not only contacts at the Account but potentially anyone involved in their implementation, such as an outside consultant. You can view the list of persons, search by name or email, and filter based on the fields in the Company Person/Person object. To load data to Company Person or Relationship Person, use the Action Type Load to Company/Relationship Person in Rules Engine

Configure Person Search Settings

Admins can configure custom search settings for the Person Search:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Person > SEARCH CONFIGURATION. You will see the default fields: Person::Email and Person::Name in the Selected Fields section.

  2. Drag and drop the required fields from Available Fields to the Selected Fields.

Search Configuration_SFDC.gif

The search fields configured above will now be available in C360 > + PERSON > Add Person section.

Person view.png

Add Person section to C360 Layout

To add the Person section to C360, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Administration > C360 Layouts. Create or edit an existing C360 layout.

  2. From the left pane, drag Person section and drop in the right pane.

  3. Hover over the Person section and click Configure (Gear icon). PersonModel1.pngThe Person Configuration dialog appears. The fields from Person and Company Person objects can be selected and shown in the C360 > Person section.Admin Person Section 1.png

  4. After adding the required fields, click SAVE. The Person section in C360 looks similar to the following image.PersonModel.png

  5. In the Add Person tab, configure the fields to display while adding a person record.

    1. The fields added in this dialog will be available at C360 > + PERSON > Add Person dialog.

    2. In the ADD PERSON tab, Admins can add fields from the Person object and Company Person object. Custom fields and Standard fields will be available in this tab for selection.Admin Person Section 2.png

  6. In the DETAIL VIEW tab, configure fields that will be available in the C360 > Person > Detailed View. Custom fields and Standard fields will be available in this tab for selection.
    Note: You can also select the Comments field in Add Person, List view and Detail view tabs. When you select the Comments field, end users can add comments in the Person section of the C360 page.Admin Person Section 3.png

  7. In the DETAIL VIEW tab, once you have added a field, hover and click Settings.Edit Permission field (1).gif

  8. Enable/disable the Edit Permission option.

    1. If you enable the option, users will be able to add/modify info from the C360 > Detailed View.

    2. If you disable the option, users will not be able to add/modify info from C360 > Detailed View.

  9. Click SAVE after configuring fields in all the tabs.

Person Chart View

This section explains how Gainsight administrators can configure the Person Chart View. Admins can add fields to the CHART VIEW tab of the Person section. Once admins add the fields, end users can see the added fields in the Person maps section.

Admins can configure a maximum of three fields in the CHART VIEW tab. By default, Name and Email fields are present in the CHART VIEWtab. You cannot remove the Name field. However, you can remove the Email field and replace it with any other desired field. Apart from the Name and Email field, you can add one more additional field to the CHART VIEW tab.

IMPORTANT: When the parent record is deleted, reference of this parent record in the child record is also deleted.

To add fields to the Chart view:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > C360 Layouts.

  2. Click the Edit icon for the required layout.

    • Note: If you cannot find the Person section in the right pane, drag and drop it from the left pane.

  3. Click the Configure icon for the Person section.

  4. Click the CHART VIEW tab.

  5. Add the required fields.

  6. Click SAVE.

Admin config.GIF


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