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360 Overview


The 360 is available in the Customer Detail view, as well as in the Relationships Detail view (if your org has configured Relationships in Gainsight). You can also access Timeline from the 360; click here for more information on Timeline.

You can also learn more about configuring and using 360 and Timeline in our free self-paced elearning courses on Gainsight University.

Customer 360

c360 summary.png

The Customer 360 is a central hub for customer information. It synthesizes data from various sources and provides you with a holistic view of your customers.

The benefits of using Customer 360 include:

  • Efficiency - save time by accessing customer information from various sources in your one-stop data shop
  • Standardization - ensure that you have a single source of truth that is accessible to others in your organization
  • Flexibility - utilize multiple layouts to tailor the information based on customer or user characteristics
  • Integration - connect with other Gainsight features to provide a comprehensive ability to manage your customers

Relationship 360


r360 summary.png


Relationships are an object in Gainsight that provide you with the flexibility to accurately model and manage your complex customer structures by creating relationship types and relationships. Relationships takes Customer Success beyond managing Accounts. They help CS manage each connection point (Relationship) with your customer. Therefore, the Relationship 360 is unique to the specific relationship.


The same sections are available and/or can be configured in the R360 as the C360, and R360 layouts can be applied to different relationship types.


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