The following example explains how to download and customize a Rule template from Vault which will automatically produce lifecycle Calls to Action (CTAs). In this example, you will configure the rule to assign a CTA to a CSM with an accompanying playbook for addressing upcoming renewals.

Download Rule & Playbook Assets

Configure and Customize the Rule

After you’ve downloaded the Vault assets, you can review the following steps and make any necessary edits to the rule to fit your business processes.

  1. Setup Rule - Action: Build Rule based on Renewal Date
    • Source Object: Customer Info
    • Show  Drag over the following fields:
      • Customer Info::Account
      • Customer Info::Account Name
      • Account::CSM
      • Customer Info::Renewal Date
    • Filters  Drag over the following fields to use as filters:
      • Customer Info::Renewal Date| equals | Add N Days to Rule Date = 90
      • Customer Info::Status| includes | Active
    • Click NEXT.
  1. Create an action that will specify the CTA settings:
    • Select “Call to Action” under Action Type
    • Configure to your company’s business processes. We recommend making it a “Medium” priority, “Upcoming Renewal” reason, “Event” type, “90 Days Until Renewal” playbook, “Account::CSM” owner field

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