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Reports and Dashboards Limitations


This article explains about the limitations in Reporting and Dashboards.

The following are the reporting preview and export limits in Report Builder, Gainsight Home Dashboards, C360, and Account/Opportunity widgets:

Report Builder

  • “Show me” field limit: 10 fields if there is 1 or more by fields
  • “By” field limit: 5

Export as Excel

  • For the Reports built on SFDC objects: You can export the report to excel based on the Tenant configured report read limit. If the report size exceeds the tenant configured limit, you will see Export as CSV option. For more information on CSV exports, refer Export as CSV.
  • For the Reports built on MDA objects: You can export the report to excel based on the Tenant configured report read limit, can vary between 1000 and 5000 (max.)

Export as CSV

  • Export to CSV option in a report exports up to 100K  records only.
  • Email servers typically have an attachment file size limit (Gmail 25 MB, Outlook 20 MB) because of which the capabilities of Export to CSV is also limited.
  • Gainsight recommends to use Export to S3 from Bionic Rules, if the records in your report exceeds 100K records.
  • Row grouping is not supported in CSV exports.

Report timeout

  • SFDC: 60 or 120 seconds (SFDC Rest API response can have maximum of 5MB of data as response).
  • MDA: 30 seconds.

Dashboard Export

  • For SFDC: PPT max. records 100 with 10 slides
  • For MDA: PPT max. records 500 with 50 slides
  • Max. # of reports per Gainsight Dashboard: 20

Other limits

  • Stacked Bar/Column charts will not display the visual data points (Numbers) on the bar/column, if the percentage is below 15.
  • Summarized by limits (SFDC) days-NA, Week-12, Month-13, Qtr- 5, Year-2 Maximum Limit for Decimal Values supported
  • Applicable for both SFDC and New Stack - Decimal places should be supported for 9 digit only
  • Max. # of reports per GS Dashboard: 20
  • Row grouped reports are not visible in Sally and Copilot.
  • For MDA objects, you cannot create multiple reports with the same report name. Alternatively, you can prefix or suffix some additional text and then save the report.
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