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Catch-up on Surveys Enhancements

February 2018: 5.11 Release


November 2017: 5.10 Release


September 2017: 5.9 Release

  1. GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20 (1).pngIn-line Surveys: display the NPS or a single select survey question directly in an email. After recipients click on an answer within the email, they will be redirected to the survey response page and the given answer will be saved automatically. They can then click the submit button to submit the response. Only questions on the first page of a survey are available to select as an in-line survey question.

Admins must add a question placeholder to Email Templates that are used as part of an Inline Survey. Within the Email Template, select Question under the Survey drop-down.

For multi-question surveys, respondents will be directed to the rest of the survey after they answer the initial inline question. We recommend selecting the most crucial single-answer question as the inline question. This allows you to capture the user’s response to your most important question, even if they do not complete the rest of the survey.

This feature is only supported as part of an Advanced Outreach and in Email Templates 2.0. Navigate to the Survey Settings of the Model of the Advanced Outreach to select the Inline Survey option. For more information, refer to In-Line Survey Overview.

  1. Text Analytics for all Text Questions: Text Analytics is now supported for all survey text-based questions and any questions that have comments enabled. Instructions for enabling this option are contained in the article How to Enable NPS Text Analytics; however, the section under Administration > Surveys now says Survey Text Analytics.


The Text Analytics section of a Survey now has a question drop-down field. Select a question and the analytics data will be displayed.


The Word Cloud will now display as a section beneath Opinion and List View, rather than as a separate tab.


The analytics data for all questions processed by this feature will be contained within the object GSSurveyTextAnalytics. This object has the same fields and structure as the original analytics object, GSNPSTextAnalytics. The GSNPSTextAnalytics will still be used to capture NPS Text Analytics data to prevent disruption to existing reports.

  1. Survey Link Expiry: Admins can enable or disable a Survey link expiration in the Properties section of a survey. Admins can also configure the number of days for which the survey link is valid after the survey is sent.


  1. Show Save Button: Enabled through the Properties section of a survey, the Save button in a survey enables participants to initiate a partial save. The normal partial save process will still run every seven seconds in the background.


  1. Survey Link Shortening: The length of survey URLs has been shortened to 32 characters, making it easier for recipients to consistently open surveys they receive. This enhancement will only work as designed if the survey site is secure (https) and Gainsight Email Service has been enabled. For more information on setting up secure survey sites, refer to Setup Salesforce Survey Domain & Test Survey Setup. For more information on enabled Gainsight Email Service, refer to Gainsight Email Activation.
  2. Survey Site URL must be secured to successfully trigger Outreaches/Advanced Outreaches: When you try to trigger Outreaches/Advanced Outreaches containing Survey with non-secure site URL, the following message appears:


Note: If you try to open Survey that contains non-secure url, The Survey will not be loaded.

This is to ensure that organization’s confidential data remains safe, secure, and prevents misuse. Ensure that you enable Require Secure Connections (HTTPS). Perform the following steps to secure the site URL in order to trigger Outreaches/Advanced Outreaches and open Survey without any challenge:

  1. In Gainsight Application, click Setup.

  1. In the search field, type sites.

  1. Click Sites.

  1. Click Edit under the Action column for Survey.


  1. Select the Require Secure Connections (HTTPS) check box to enable.


May 2017: 5.6 Release 

Automatic Updates:

1. Description Removed from Survey Thank You Page: The description of the survey will no longer be included in the thank you message that is displayed when a survey is completed.

Incremental improvements:

1. Assign weights to Dropdown or Matrix Survey questions: Admins can assign numerical value/weight for different text-based answer options on Dropdown or Matrix survey questions with Single Answer selected. This option will only be available if the Single Answer checkbox is selected with these question types, otherwise it will be disabled by default. After checking the Single Answer checkbox, the Answer Scoring checkbox can then be checked. When this option is checked, a numerical drop-down box will appear next to each of the question’s answers; this is where the score can be assigned. Survey analytics will calculate the sum and average of the answers. Support Satisfaction questions are a good use case for this feature.


Below is an example of how responses to these questions will appear in Survey Analytics:


2. Partial Survey Responses can be Saved: Survey responses will auto-save every 5 seconds. If a respondent drops off a survey due to survey fatigue or navigates away from the survey, Gainsight users will receive partial data. The respondent can also complete the survey later without losing any data. Incomplete submissions will be logged as “Partial Saved” until a set amount of time determined by the admin elapses. The Partial Saved survey will be logged as “Partial Submitted” after the set amount of time passes. To configure the amount of time required before a partially saved response gets converted to responded, open the survey in question, navigate to Properties > Partial Completion. By default, this value will be set as 10 days.


Note: Once a partially saved response gets converted to responded, participants will not be able to continue taking their survey.

3. Store Survey data in a single MDA Object for easier reporting: Survey response data can now be “flattened” and stored as a new MDA object. Then the data can be reported on within report builder without the need for a data space. The newly created MDA table will have each survey question as a column header. Contact Gainsight Support in order to enable this feature.

4. New NPS Text Analytics Section: For Surveys with NPS questions, there is a new section in the Survey module that displays the NPS Text Analytics results.

Note: This feature must be enabled in Survey settings. To complete this, you will need the Gainsight Admin permission set. Use the instructions in this document How to Enable NPS Text Analytics.

This new view includes two new tabs by default:

a. Detail View: This will show all aspects sorted by sentence count. The top section will display a summary view showing total number of sentences, as well as a breakdown by sentence category. The lower list view will have a column for Aspect Group, with the individual associated aspects in parentheses, as well as columns for the count of sentences within each Aspect Group, and an Aspect Sentiment column that shows the sentiment of the sentences containing each Aspect Group.

b. Word Cloud: This displays the top 50 Aspect Groups. Hover over each aspect group for additional details.

Note: The NPS Text Analytics section will display the message “No Data Found For This Survey” if there is no text analytics data found. This will usually occur if:

  • The survey has 20 or fewer Survey Responses with comments.
  • After processing the survey, no opinion sentences were found.

For more information on the NPS Text Analytics feature in general, see the article How NPS Text Analytics Works.

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