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Catch-up on Scorecards Enhancements

February 2018: 5.11 Release

Automatic Updates

  1. Scorecard 2.0 support in Zendesk Widget: Now you can view health scores in the Zendesk widget directly. Previously, if Scorecards 2.0 was the primary scorecard, you could not view scorecard information in Zendesk.
  2. Gainsight User integration with Scorecard 2.0: Scorecard information (Created By, Modified By, and Score Modified By) is now linked to GS User standard object. Scorecard information in Scorecard Fact and Scorecard History objects will have the GS User information.

November 2017: 5.10 Release

  1. Change the Scorecard scheme type (Numeric, Color, or Grade): Admins can now change the scorecard Scheme Type after it is created.
    1. Navigate to Administration > Scorecards 2.0.
    2. Edit an existing scorecard.
    3. In the Properties section, select a new scheme type. A background job is triggered which recalculates all of the Measures, Groups, and Overall Scores in all consumption areas (for example, C360/R360 and Set Score in Rules Engine).

Scorecrads 2.0 1.png

  1. Delete a scheme range from the Scheme Configuration: Admins can now delete and customize scheme ranges. A minimum of two scheme ranges must be present in the Scheme Configuration and cannot be deleted.


September 2017: 5.9 Release

  1. Account Scorecard utility to migrate Scorecard: A migration utility is available to migrate metadata from Account Scorecards 1.0 to Scorecards 2.0. The migration utility will migrate the account scorecard tables including usage data measures to scorecard 2.0 tables. After migration you can use Scorecards 2.0 and use the data you’ve created in Scorecards 1.0 to create reports and also view past data or current data. 
    For a successful migration, an Account must have the following parameters:
  • Scorecard name
  • Customer (tenant) ID
  • Entity Type (Account)
  • Email ID

Contact to start the migration process. Gainsight technical resources will perform the migration, as there is no UI available to perform the migration at this time.
For more information on the migration utility, see Scorecards 2.0 FAQs.

  1. Scorecard 2.0 Scheme Configuration: In Scorecard scheme configuration, the ranges for Color and Grade have been extended to 12 to improve accuracy in grading. Now you can set 0 or 100 accurately while setting a score for a measure.

  1. Query Optimization/Batching for Set Score: Query optimization/batching for Set Score in Mass edit reports and Rules prevents timeout errors and reduces the time taken for query execution.
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