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Catch-up on Reporting Enhancements

April 2019: 6.2 Release

Report Builder enables admins to build powerful table, bar, bubble and other chart types on any Gainsight standard or custom objects. Report Builder allows you to visualize your data from Gainsight, any Salesforce Object and Matrix Data Analyzer (MDA), in charts as well as in tables.

  1. Introducing “Includes” Operator in Filters: Previously, in Report Builder, you may have had to apply multiple filters and use advanced logic to filter a report with multiple values for a single field. But, with this release, the filter component is enhanced with an “Includes” operator, which allows you to filter the report with multiple values on a single field, in the same filter. The multiple values selected are treated as an “OR” condition.

    You can apply “Includes” operator on the following data types:
  • String
  • Email
  • GSID and SFDC ID

15. Includes Operator.gif

If you want to apply Includes operator on a String data type, type/add the required value, and then press Tab to add the next value to the filter.

16. String Data type.gif

Limitation: You can add a maximum of 10 values per filter.

Use Cases:

  • As a CSM, you may have to filter a report on your dashboard for companies like "Starbucks, Walmart and Disney", you can achieve this by using a single filter called INCLUDES, without having to use multiple filters and advanced logic.

  • As a CSM Manager, you may have to filter a report for all CSMs you are interested in, you can achieve this by using a single filter in report builder.

Once you apply the “Includes operator on a report, and add this report to a dashboard, CSMs will be able to see the “Includes operator on Gainsight Home as well. The “Includes” operator enables the CSMs to add new values or remove the existing values for a field in single filter.

Note: You can see Includes operator in all the other functionalities (Cockpit, Rules etc.) of Gainsight, which use this filter component.

17. Includes in Home.gif

  1. community logo.pngServer Side Sorting in Tabular Reports: Previously, when you sorted the records in a report, it only applied the sort to the records in the browser. With this enhancement, Sorting is moved to the Server side, so that sorting occurs on the entire dataset, not just on the data in the browser. Server side sorting is available for all Tabular reports.


  • Server Side Sorting is also applicable for Drill Down reports.
  • Server Side Sorting is applicable in all the consumption areas. Example: GS Home, C360, etc.

Limitation: Server Side Sorting happens on the resultant data displayed after pivoting the reports.

18. Sort Server Side.gif

  1. community logo.pngServer Side Column Search for Row Grouped Reports: Previously, for the row grouped reports, column search was limited to the records available on the browser (based on the report read limit configured in your org). With this enhancement, Row grouped tabular reports are now enabled with Server side search, where you can search for the records on the entire dataset in the Server side.

    Note: Server Side Column Search on Row Grouped Reports is applicable in all the consumption areas. Example: GS Home, C360, etc.

    Limitation: Pivoted tabular reports will search for the records only from the browser, and other tabular reports will have server side.

19. Search Server Side.gif

  1. community logo.pngPersist Column width for Tables and Drill Down Reports: Previously, in the report page and drill down page, when you modified the column width in tabular reports, the column width reverted to the original state after saving the report. With this enhancement, the column width persists in tabular reports, both in the report page and drill down page.

    Limitation: For pivoted reports, column width persistence is allowed only on the non-pivoted columns.

    Below are sample snapshots from Report and Drill Down pages:

    Report Page View

20.Table width.gif
    Drill Down View

21. Table width Drill down.gif

  1. community logo.pngPersist Column Order in Drill Down Reports: Previously, in the drill down page, when you changed the column order, the column order reverted to the original state, after saving the report. With this enhancement, the column order persists in drill down pages.

22. Table column Drill down.gif

  1. Persist Renamed field value in Drill Down reports: Previously, in the Report Builder page, when you renamed/changed the field name in the Show me/By section, the renamed field values were not shown in Drill Down reports. With this release, the renamed field values are available in Drill Down reports as well.

23. Rename Field Values.gif

February 2019: 6.0 Release


January 2019: 5.22 Release


December 2018: 5.21 Release


November 2018: 5.20 Release


October 2018: 5.19 Release

  1.  Pivot enhancement in Reports: Previously, pivot on reports used to happen on the UI (on the already presented data). But, with this enhancement, Admins can now pivot reports on the entire dataset from the server-side.

    Note: The maximum number of pivoted columns visible in a report are 53.

    Use Case: For example, when you create a report on Pageviews and pivot by Date, previously, the pivot was applied only to the Accounts presented in the UI, but now, pivot is applied across all of the accounts in the entire dataset.

25 Pivot Function.gif


  • Pivoting on SFDC objects, and the following MDA objects: Email Logs, Email Raw Events and Unsubscribed Emails will work as it was working previously.
  • You cannot Pivot the reports on which ranking is applied.
  • You cannot apply Ranking on pivoted reports.
  1. Hierarchy of Objects and Fields is visible in Show me and By Search: In the search menus for Show me and By, we now display the hierarchy of Objects and Fields using dotted lines.

26 Dotted Lines Gif.gif

  1. Widget Drill Down: You can now drill down on any point in a Widget to see a tabular list of the data associated with that report. Once you are in the drill down, you can click on the three dots to see a list of available fields to add or remove from the table. Click Apply once you have made your selections. The drill down table will display your selections when you click on a data point in the Widget.

27 WIdget Drilldown.gif

  1.  UX Improvement in Ranking: UX in Ranking offers a better user experience. Previously, when you clicked X in the top right corner of the Ranking window, it removed/cleared the previously applied Ranking. But now, when you click X, it closes the Ranking window and when you click CLEAR, it removes the previously applied "Ranking".

28 Ranking.gif


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