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Catch-up on Reporting Enhancements

December 2018: 5.21 Release


November 2018: 5.20 Release


October 2018: 5.19 Release

  1.  Pivot enhancement in Reports: Previously, pivot on reports used to happen on the UI (on the already presented data). But, with this enhancement, Admins can now pivot reports on the entire dataset from the server-side.

    Note: The maximum number of pivoted columns visible in a report are 53.

    Use Case: For example, when you create a report on Pageviews and pivot by Date, previously, the pivot was applied only to the Accounts presented in the UI, but now, pivot is applied across all of the accounts in the entire dataset.

25 Pivot Function.gif


  • Pivoting on SFDC objects, and the following MDA objects: Email Logs, Email Raw Events and Unsubscribed Emails will work as it was working previously.
  • You cannot Pivot the reports on which ranking is applied.
  • You cannot apply Ranking on pivoted reports.
  1. Hierarchy of Objects and Fields is visible in Show me and By Search: In the search menus for Show me and By, we now display the hierarchy of Objects and Fields using dotted lines.

26 Dotted Lines Gif.gif

  1. Widget Drill Down: You can now drill down on any point in a Widget to see a tabular list of the data associated with that report. Once you are in the drill down, you can click on the three dots to see a list of available fields to add or remove from the table. Click Apply once you have made your selections. The drill down table will display your selections when you click on a data point in the Widget.

27 WIdget Drilldown.gif

  1.  UX Improvement in Ranking: UX in Ranking offers a better user experience. Previously, when you clicked X in the top right corner of the Ranking window, it removed/cleared the previously applied Ranking. But now, when you click X, it closes the Ranking window and when you click CLEAR, it removes the previously applied "Ranking".

28 Ranking.gif

August 2018: 5.17 Release

  • Aliases in Reports: With this enhancement, you can now rename or customize your labels in the chart visualizations, to make them more contextual to the target audience. For example, when you are sharing a report to your director, and your director may not be aware of the jargon used in the report, to make charts/reports more contextual, you can rename labels in the reports.

Aliases can be configured only for the following data types:

  • String
  • Picklist
  • Boolean

To configure Aliases in Reports:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Report Builder > + REPORT.
  2. Select an object from the dropdown list.
  3. Add the required fields to Show me, and By.
  4. Click Select Visualization Type and choose the required chart visualization, and run the report.


  • You can configure Aliases only after you RUN the report.
  • You cannot apply Pivot on the reports in which the labels are already configured with Aliases.
  1. Click the gear icon on the By field.
  2. Click CONFIGURE ALIASES. The Edit Aliases dialog-box is displayed.
  3. Enter the Alias Name you would like to assign for a value.


  • You can enter a maximum of 40 characters in the Alias Name.
  • You cannot configure/enter the original and duplicate values in the Aliases.
  1. Click UPDATE and Run the report to see the Alias Names assigned in the previous step.

Note: Configuring aliases will not have any impact on your original data.

[47f3d5fb1b4c8e6d6c6d7dd82b5efec1]_Alias Configuration.gif

After configuring Aliases, in the chart area, on hover, you can see both aliased and original names.

  • Aliased <Name> : Aliased value
  • Original <Name>: Original value

[dc04edaad2e632f204bcad4021a95065]_Chart Selection.gif

For more information about post configuration of aliases and limitations, see Configure Aliases in Reports.

  • community-icon.png Option to summarize date fields added to By is now available for objects from most Gainsight Application areas: Apart from the below listed objects, you can now summarize the date fields by Day, Week, Month, Quarter, and Year across all of the Gainsight application areas.
    • Email Logs
    • Email Raw Events
    • Unsubscribed Emails

To use the Summarize by option for date fields:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Report Builder > + REPORT.
  2. Select an object from the dropdown list.
  3. Add the required fields to Show me, and a date field to By.
  4. Click the gear icon on the date field to see the Summarized by option.

Date Field_Summarize By.gif

July 2018: 5.16 Release

  • Community icon for RN.png URL Data type in Reporting: When you build reports using the fields with URL data types, the field displays a clickable hyperlink.

    • URL data type support is applicable only for MDA objects but not for SFDC objects.
    • URL field is not supported in ‘By’ fields.

URL Data type in Reporting.png

June 2018: 5.15 Release


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