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Catch-up on CoPilot Enhancements

June 2018: 5.15 Release

  1. SFDCnMDA.png Send Operational Emails through Advanced Outreach: Email templates that are marked as operational can now be included in the Advanced Outreach Email Chain model. For more information on operational emails, refer to Operational Email Guidelines.

1-Send Operational Emails.png

Note: Operational email templates can only be included in the Email Chain model.

An Operational email can be included in any email step in the Email Chain Model. You can add a combination of operational and non-operational email steps.

For an Advanced Outreach which has at least one operational email template, the following restrictions apply:

  • No more than 5000 (or the limit configured per tenant) active participants can be within the Advanced Outreach. If more than 5000 participants are added, the participants will be dropped.
  • No more than 5000 participants can be added to the Advanced Outreach per day.

Example: If you add 5000 participants to an Advanced Outreach the first day it is published, and then 1000 of those participants move to completed or are dropped from the outreach in that same day, you will not be able to add more participants until the next day even though there are less than 5000 participants currently active.

After an operational email template is added to an email configuration step of an Advanced Outreach, the following message will be displayed informing the user they have selected an operational template:

  1. SFDC.png Preview results of Query Builder in Advanced Outreach: Admins can now select a preview option at the top-right of the dataset task configuration page. This feature is designed to help the admin monitor the output of each task to ensure that the configured task is accurate and meets the needs of the Advanced Outreach. For more information on using Query Builder in an Advanced Outreach, refer to Adding Participants to an Advanced Outreach.

2-Preview results of Query Builder .png

Clicking this option will open a pop-up window with the results of the query.

3-results of the query.png

  1. SFDC.png Pan and Zoom functions in the Advanced Outreach Model Configuration screen: Within the AO model configuration screen, Admins can scroll to zoom in and out of the model using the mouse. They can also click and drag the model, or use the arrow keys to pan across the screen.

4-Pan and Zoom functions .gif

  1. SFDC.png Configuration Errors Displayed in Adv. Outreach UI: The model configuration screen will now highlight steps that are not configured properly after the Admin clicks PUBLISH on an Advanced Outreach. This is available for all Advanced Outreach models.

5-Configuration Errors Displayed in AO.png

After clicking the PUBLISH button, red highlights will appear over any steps within the model that are not configured properly and will prevent the outreach from being published successfully. If this feature identifies one or more steps that are not properly configured, the outreach will not be published.

Users can hover over the red exclamation points at the top-right of any highlighted step for more information on the configuration issue.

6-hover over the red exclamation points.png

After users have resolved the configuration issues, they can click PUBLISH again to complete publishing the Advanced Outreach. For more information, refer to Configure Models and Emails for Advanced Outreach.

May 2018: 5.14 Release

Automatic Updates
  1. SFDC.png Integration with Survey 2.0 for the Generic, CSAT, and NPS models: Surveys built in Surveys 2.0 can be selected when configuring survey models from the survey drop-down.


Note: Only the Generic model supports the Anonymous and Semi-Anonymous options with Surveys 2.0.

Incremental Improvements
  1. SFDC.png New actions available for Enhanced Advanced Outreach models: Survey models now have a Responded step that creates branching options based on whether or not a participant has responded. Each branching option can be configured with new actions such as Conditional Wait, Wait Timer, Send Email, Create CTA, and End Outreach. This is available for the Generic, NPS, and CSAT survey models. This increases the flexibility of the models. They can be extended to 43 steps compared to 9 before. These new actions are compatible with both Surveys 1.0 and 2.0. For more information on configuring these steps, refer to Configure Models for Advanced Outreach.


April 2018: 5.13 Release


March 2018: 5.12 Release

  • SFDC1.png Unable to preview emails for certain Adv. Outreaches: When selecting to preview an email within an affected Adv. Outreach, users would receive the message "Unable to Preview for the participant". This issue appeared for Advanced Outreaches using email templates with variants. The checkbox "Send default variant if the variant filter value does not have a match" was unchecked for the Adv. Outreach, and the variants for the email template were deleted after the template was added to the Outreach. This issue was addressed and is now resolved.

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