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Catch-up on 360 Enhancements

April 2019: 6.2 Release


February 2019: 6.0 Release


January 2019: 5.22 Release


December 2018: 5.21 Release

  1. View all of a Person’s associations on the 360 page: The Person section in the 360 page displays all of the details of a Person, including associated details in the context of a Company or Relationship. Previously, if a Person was associated with multiple Companies or Relationships, you could not see the list of other Companies or relationships to which this person is associated, from one of the associated C360/R360 pages.

    However, with this enhancement the 360 page now becomes a single source of truth for all the associations of a Person. You can now view all the Company or Relationship associations of a Person, from one of the associated C360/R360 pages. For example, an investor might collaborate with three different Companies, and therefore they’ll appear as an associated Person for all three Companies. Similarly, an employee at an organization who manages the installation process for three of your products will be associated in three relationships.    

    You can click any of the Company or Relationship names and navigate to the corresponding C360/R360 page, in a new tab.

    To view the associations of a Person:
    1. Navigate to the 360 page for an Account or Relationship.
    2. Click the Person section, in the left pane.
    3. Click the required person name. The person detail view is displayed. You can view all the Company and Relationship associations of a Person from here.

5 Company and Relationship associations of a Person.png

November 2018: 5.20 Release

  1. community icon.png Person Section in R360: Gainsight Relationships enable you to model and manage different touchpoints with your customers, potentially based on the products you’re selling, the different business units you work with, or some other aspect. In these cases, the R360 will be the single source of truth for a Relationship. You also want to track the people (GS Person) associated with each relationship. Previously, if a Person was associated with multiple Companies or Relationships, admins required to create reports to get all the details of a person’s associations.  

    However, with this enhancement (Person section in R360), you can now add and associate Person(s) to a Relationship, view and update details of an existing Person in association to this Relationship, or delete associated details of the Person with this Relationship. You can perform all these actions in the newly introduced Person section in the R360 page.

    Once a person is associated with a Relationship, you can do the following:

  • View all details of a Person, including other Company and Relationship associations for the same individual, from the R360 page.
  • Share Success Plans and 360 layouts with these individuals.

Prerequisites: To use this feature, you must complete two prerequisites. First, add a Person section to R360 layouts and then configure the Person section in R360 layouts. To learn how to setup R360 layouts, refer to Configure R360 Page and layout Types article

To add Person section in R360 layouts (for Admins):

  1. Navigate to Administration > General > Relationships.
  2. Click the Configure icon for the Relationship type on which you wish to Configure Person section.
  3. Click the 360 layouts tab.

6 R360 layout.gif

  1. Click the Edit icon for the required layout.
  2. Click the Sections tab.
  3. Drag and drop the Person section.

7 Add person section.gif

Configure Person Section: Once you add the Person section, you must configure it with the required fields. The fields you configure here are displayed on the Person section of R360 page.

To configure Person section:

  1. Click the Configure icon. The Person Configuration window is displayed.
  2. Drag and drop the required fields from the Available Fields to the Selected Fields section. The fields you add here are displayed on the Add Person page of R360. By default, Name and Email fields are added.

8 Person Configuration window configure Person section.gif

  1. Click the List View tab.
  2. Drag and drop the required fields from the Available Fields to the Selected Fields section. The fields you add here are displayed on the list view page of Person section in R360. By default, Name and Email fields are added.

9 List view_R360.gif

  1. Click the Detail View tab.
  2. Drag and drop the required fields from the Available Fields to the Selected Fields section. The fields you add here are displayed on the Detail view page of Person section in R360. By default, Name, Email, and Comments fields are added.
  3. Click Save.

10 Person detail view.gif

Once you complete these prerequisites, you and your end users can use the feature.
For end users to use this feature:

  1. Navigate to C360 page.
  2. Click the Relationships section.
  3. Click the Relationship name.
  4. Navigate to the Person section.

11 Person in R360.gif

Add a Person: To add a new Person record:

  1. Click + PERSON. The Add Person window is displayed.
  2. Enter Name and/or Email and click SEARCH to check if the person already exists.
  3. If you get a person record that matches with Name and/or Email, click on the record to add association details of the current Relationship.
  4. If you see a message Person Not Found, click Add New Person. This action adds a new person into Gainsight.
    Note: Gainsight searches the existing person by matching with Name and/or Email entered in this window. As per the result, you can either add association details to an existing person or you can add a new person to Gainsight.

12 Add unfound person.gif

  1. Enter the Person details.
    Note: You can see only those fields in the Add Person window, which were added in the Administration > Person > Search Configuration page by admins.

13 New Person added_1.gif

Edit a Person: To edit a Person:

  1. Select the required Person. The Person Detail view is displayed.
  2. Click the Edit field icon, for the fields to be edited. You can view only those fields which were added in Detail View tab of Person Configuration page.
  3. Click Save field icon after making the required changes.

14 Edit person_1.gif

Delete a Person: To delete a Person, click the delete button of the person. This deletes the association details of the Person to this Relationship but it does not delete all occurrences of this person.

When you delete this record, fields in other objects that are joined with the current object (Relationship Person) will honor the On Delete option selected in the MDA Joins of those fields. The Delete operation is applied to multiple dependency levels. You can find these dependencies (MDA Joins) in the Object Graph of any object. To see Object Graph of an object, navigate to Administration > Data Management > [Select an object] > Object Graph left pane. For more information, refer Creating Object Graph in MDA Objects.

15 Delete person.gif

  1.  Comments field in C360/R360: As a CSM or sales professional, you need to keep track of client contact details, such as their personal interests/hobbies, temperament, current concerns, etc. You can capture unique characteristics of a Person (such as conversation tips), to help you or colleagues in future conversations with that individual in the newly introduced Comments field of the C360 Person section. 

    Comments made here about that Person will be available across all contexts of Companies and Relationships that the Person is associated with. By Default, the Comments field is added to the Detail view tab of the Person section of the C360 page. Post upgrade to Gainsight v5.20, navigate to Detail view tab in the C360 Layouts > Person configuration and Save the configuration. If you do not do this, end users cannot see the Comments field in the C360 > Person section.

    Before saving the configuration, you can also add the Comments field to the List view and Add Person tabs. Comments is a Rich Text area field newly introduced with this release. For more information about the Comments field, refer to the New Field Comments in Person Object section in this document.

    Once you add the Comments and other required fields, click SAVE to ensure that your configuration is saved. 

Comments field in C360-R360 - 1.gif

Since the Comments field is now added to the Add Person, List View tabs, end users can view the Comments field while adding a new Person, List View, and detail view, as shown in the below images.

Comments field in C360-R360 - 2.gif

The List View and Detail View also display the Comments section.


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