When you change a Survey’s Published URL, and you're using the survey in a CoPilot email, it will not dynamically update the survey url in the corresponding CoPilot email template.

Root Cause: By design, the system does not automatically update the survey’s published url, since the previous survey url may still be in use.

This article explains how to update the url in an existing CoPilot email template.


  • Your published survey uses CoPilot as the distribution method (you can check in Survey > Properties)
  • You have already replaced the published url with a new url on the Survey > Publish page
  • You're using a CoPilot email template to distribute the survey


  1. In CoPilot > Email templates, locate the relevant template with the survey link.
  2. Confirm the correct survey is being referenced/linked.
  3. Save the email template. This will trigger the template to fetch the newly published survey url.
  4. (Optional) Trigger a test outreach to confirm the email is using the new survey url.