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How to Enable NPS Text Analytics

The NPS Text Analytics feature examines the content of NPS comments and categorizes each sentence as either positive, negative, or suggestions. The goal is to identify important themes or “aspects” mentioned by customers in their NPS comments. To learn more about how this feature works, please see the article How NPS Text Analytics Works.

This guide includes the  steps to enable the settings necessary for this feature to successfully analyze the NPS comments and store the resulting data. After it’s enabled, the results will be stored in an SFDC object called JBCXM_GSNPSTextAnalytics__c. The best way for users to view this information is to build a report off of the object and share it in a dashboard or 360 section. At the end of the article, we list the fields in this object, and suggested ways to report on the data captured there.

1.  Add NPS_TEXT_ANALYTICS in Custom Settings. Navigate to Setup > search for Custom Settings in the right-hand search bar > click on Custom Settings.


2. Click Manage for the Feature Configuration Label.


3. Click New. Enter the new feature name NPS Text Analytics and then click Save.



4. Enable Survey settings. Navigate to Administration > Surveys. Within the NPS Text Analytics, click the CONFIGURE option to enable the checkbox for Enable NPS Analytics. After checking the box, click Save.


This enables the NPS Text Analytics feature, and creates a daily schedule for the feature to analyze incoming NPS comments. The schedule will begin running the day after this is enabled. Because it runs once each day, there may be up to a 24 hour delay before the latest comments are analyzed. This schedule will run in the background, and does not require any upkeep after enabling it. Disabling the feature will turn the schedule off.

Results are uploaded to the SFDC object JBCXM__GSNPSTextAnalytics__c and can then be viewed within the report builder using the Data Space NPS Text Analytics.

Note: As per the design, only NPS Surveys with more than 20 comments, either from one user or different users, will be pulled into the NPS Text Analytics object and will be visible within the NPS Text Analytics Data Space. 


Within the NPS Text Analytics data space, there are several new fields related to the analysis that can be used within Report Builder. Here is a description of each field:

Field Label

Data Type



Text (255)

Important themes discussed in NPS survey comments. Ex. "business partner", "business need"

Aspect Group

Text (255)

Logical groups of Aspects. Ex. the Aspects “business partner” and “business need” would be grouped together under the "business" Aspect group as this is a logical way of categorizing them together.

NPSSurvey Response

Master-Detail (NPSSURVEY Response)

Id from NPS Survey response table

Run Date


Date the analysis was completed and documented


Long Text Area (32768)

Sentence parsed from NPS Survey comments, Ex. "Great business partner with a continually improving product!". A comment is split into multiple sentences and each sentence tagged independently.

Sentence Category


The Category of the sentence. Values:Positive, Negative, Suggestion.

Sentence ID


Unique identifier of a sentence


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