Tutorial Overview

Subject: This tutorial demonstrates how to use Objects, Rules Engine, and Reports to check for Success Plans.
Scenario: Use this to check for customers without Success Plans
Complexity: Medium
Description: This tutorial demonstrates how to use Objects and the Rule Engine to establish if a customer does not have a Success Plan, then use Reports in order to display who does and doesn't have a Success Plan.
Challenges: Creating the object and associating it with the rule.
  1. Creating the Object
  2. Creating the Rule
  3. Creating the Action
  4. Creating the Report

Notes and Tips


  • This tutorial is presented for educational purposes only.
  • Always test your rules before running them in a production environment.
  • Understand your Salesforce environment before performing any operations which may affect your data.

Step 1 - Create the Object

In this step, you'll create the Object "Has Success Plan?", which enables you to check for Success Plans.

Navigate to the Object Page

  1. Click your name
  2. Click Setup

Navigate to the Object Setup

  1. Type "Object" into the search bar
  2. Click "Objects" under the Create section

Navigate to Customer Info

  1. Scroll down and click "Customer Info"

Create a New Custom Field

  1. Scroll down until "Custom Fields & Relationships" is visible
  2. Click "new"

Create a New Custom Field - Checkbox

  1. Scroll down and click "Checkbox"
  2. Click "Next"

Create a New Custom Field - Details

  1. Type in an appropriate Field Label
  2. Verify Default Value is set to Unchecked
  3. Field Name will auto populate when clicked on
  4. Type in a description
  5. Click "Next"

Create a New Custom Field - Security

  1. Depending on the access levels desired these settings may be changed to represent security levels of any company (For this tutorial all will remain visable)
  2. Click "Next"

Create a New Custom Field - Layouts

  1. Verify all information is correct
  2. Verify the check box is checked
  3. Click "Save"

Step 2 - Create the Rule

During this step, a Rule will be created that checks for a Success Plan

Name the Rule

  1. Select "Custom" Rule Type
  2. Select "Account"
  3. Type in an appropriate name
  4. Type in an accurate description
  5. Click "Next"

Create the Show Field

  1. Select "Native Data"
  2. Select the CTA Group object
  3. Add the following fields in Show:
    • CTA Group::Id
    • Account::Id
  4. Scroll Down and click "Next"

Step 3 - Create the Action

This step creates an action that will set the "Has Success Plan?" field to checked for customers with a Success Plan.

  1. Click "+ Action"

Add Criteria

  1. Select "Load to Customers" for the Action Type
  2. These two fields will auto populate (Created from the "Show" field on Rule Setup
  3. Set to "Account (string)"
  4. Click "+ Field mapping" this will create a "custom" object under the Account:Id String
  5. Set the custom object to "Has Success Plan? (BOOLEAN)"
  6. Set the checkbox to checked (true)
  7. Click "Save"

Step 4 - Create the Report

In this step, you'll create a report to display customers that do or don't have a success plan.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Report Builder > click + Report, and enter a name for the Report
  2. Select the Customer Info object
  3. Add the following fields in Show me:
    • Account Name
    • ARR
    • CSM Name
    • Has Success Plan?
  4. Click the Filter icon and select "Has Success Plan?"
  5. Set to equal or not equal
  6. Check the checkbox
  7. Click "Apply" (in the filter dialog)
  8. Click "Apply" to generate the report