This document will guide you through the process of creating a custom rule that triggers a CTA when a customer renewal is lapsed. The CTA includes a playbook for the CSM to address the lapsed renewal.

Build the Rule

  • Navigate to Administration > Rules Engine > Click + Rule.
  • Select the Rule Type as Custom, and enter the Rule Name and Description.
  • Click NEXT.

Setup Rule

  1. Select Account as the source object.
  2. Add the following fields to the Show section:
  • Account::Id
  • Account::Account Name
  • Account::CSM {Your User Lookup Field}
  • Customer Info::Renewal Date
  1. Add the following fields to the Filters section:
  • (Customer Info::Renewal Date | greater or equal to | Subtract N Days from Rule Date | 1)
  • (Customer Info::Renewal Date | less or equal to | Rule Date),  and (Customer Info::Status | includes | Active)

  1. Verify that Apply to Gainsight customers only is checked.
  2. Click NEXT.

Note: You also have the option to PREVIEW RESULTS before proceeding, to verify that you have accounts that fulfill the rule criteria.

Setup Action

Action Type: Call to Action

Enter the Call To Action Details:

  • Name: Name of CTA (Select the Include in identifier check box)
  • Priority: 1 Red
  • Status: New
  • Reason: TBD by what Reasons your company has created. For this example, it's called "*Implementation Risk"
  • Due Date: Run + 5 Days
  • Link to an existing "Linked Object": Opportunity, Contact, or Case
  • Post Update to Chatter: This determines whether new comments are added each time a CTA of this type fires while another is still open.
  • Type: Risk
  • Playbook: TBD by what Playbooks your company has created. For this example, it's called "Lapsed Renewal"
  • Owner Field: {Your CSM Lookup field added in the previous step}
  • Default Owner: Gainsight Lead or Success Lead
  • Comments: Comments are optional but can be helpful to provide additional information about the account.

Gainsight recommends scheduling the rule to run nightly.