This article describes how to create a rule that will track sponsor changes, and notify your CSMs of changes through a Call to Action. We utilize a Vault asset which you can customize to suit your business requirements. CSMs will be notified within 24-48 hours of changes to their sponsor’s status.

IMPORTANT 7/17/17: The Sponsor Tracking infrastructure in Gainsight is currently significantly degraded. In researching this issue with our service provider over the last week, we’ve found that the service has been degrading over the last few months and now is no longer working for many of our customers. For updates on the problem and solution, please follow this Community post.

Download Vault Asset

Download this rule from Vault:

Rule Configuration

  • Show field:
    • Account::Id
    • Account::Created By ID
    • Account::CSM
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::Account Name
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::Contact Name
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::ChangedAttribute
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::PreviousValue
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::NewValue
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::CreatedDate
  • Filters:
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::ChangedAttribute  equals  title
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::Created Date  greater or equal  Add N Days to Rule Date  (-1)
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::Created Date  less than  Rule Date
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::ChangedAttribute  equals  company
    • SponsorTrackingHistory::ChangedAttribute  equals location
  • Logic: (A or D or E) and B and C
    • This ensures that a CSM will be notified if any one of the following are changed with their sponsor: company, title, location

Click NEXT.

Action Setup: Call to Action

  • Navigate to Setup Action within the same rule
  • Action Type  Call To Action
    • Name: Sponsor Tracking Notification
    • Priority: Red
    • Reason: Exec Sponsor Change
    • Type: Risk
    • Playbook: Loss of Business Sponsor playbook (Reminder: Download this from Vault)
    • Default Owner: Account::CSM
    • Comments: Add tokens (by typing @ to see the options available) to create an automated message to your CSM 
  • We recommend scheduling this on a daily basis

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