This document will guide you through how to create an engagement rule which will be used to set the score on a scorecard measure, and then trigger a CTA.

Important Note: You can create Custom Rules to do anything that they have done in the past using Engagement Rules. While Engagement Rules are still available for use, we suggest using Custom Rules going forward to leverage more of the Rules Engine capabilities.    

Add New Rule

  1. Navigate to Administration > Rules Engine > RULES LIST > +RULE > Edit Rule.
  1. Select Engagement as Rule Type.
  2. Provide a name and description for the rule and click NEXT.

Setup Rule

When setting up an engagement rule, you will select fields and filters.

  1. Show: Drag Account and/or Customer Info fields from the left side into this area. These fields can be used in the next step to fine tune when actions should be taken.
  2. Filters: Drag at least one adoption measure from the left side to this area. In addition you can bring over account and customerinfo fields. These filters will be used as constraints to determine when an action needs to be taken.

Note: You cannot use more than one aggregation on the same field.

Setup Action

  1. Click + ACTION.
  2. Select Set Score as the action type.
  1. Select Measure: Pick one from a list of your scorecard measures
  2. Set Score To: Choose what the score for that measure should be set to when this rule fires
  3. Comment: Optional and will show up in the comment section of the scorecard measure
  4. Criteria: Use the fields you added to the Show section in the previous section to fine tune which customers scores should be updated.
  5. Click SAVE to move to the next step.
  6. (optional) Click + ACTION to add more actions.

Note: Multiple Set Score actions are allowed per rule.  

Test and Schedule Rule

After saving the Setup Action, you can either test the rule, run it now, or schedule it to run at a later date.

Note: Each rule is limited to 100,000 records. Going forward, the rule will run anytime engagement data is added to the system.