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Getting Started with Bionic Rules

Bionic Rules is an evolutionary enhancement to the Rules Engine. This feature helps you scale your data investment by harnessing cutting-edge technology to transform customer data into value delivered. Gainsight’s Bionic Rules Engine can perform multi-step, in-memory data processing to convert raw customer data to real-world action. Bionic Rules can perform multiple fetches and transformations in a single rule; including tasks to fetch data from multiple sources, merge, aggregate, pivot and then load to an object.

Previously, multiple objects used to be joined and flattened by a series of Custom Rules, but Bionic Rules have the capabilities to transform fetched data in various ways and execute actions within a single rule.  

Sample Bionic Rule High-Level Task Transformation 

Bionic Rules help you reduce the number of rules created and all MDA custom objects created, by enabling Admins to work with multiple data sets from multiple data sources; as well as process the data and perform actions.

Note: The following use cases are supported in Custom Rules and not in Bionic Rules:

  • Send Email with Marketo Email Service
  • Few scenarios of Calculated fields

Gainsight is developing a utility to assist with migrating Custom Rules to Bionic Rules. These capabilities will be supported in Bionic Rules, once the custom rules migration utility is available.

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