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Gainsight Data Management

  1. All customers are provisioned with standard objects namely Company, User, Relationship, and Relationship Type. These standard objects can be viewed under Data Management, as shown in the following image. Standard Objects in MDA will support common Reporting, Scorecards 2.0 feature; and Gainsight Connect will help you to import the data from Salesforce to MDA standard objects. Admins can view the standard objects in the Administration > Operations > Data Management location.

Note: In the current release, the standard objects will be visible in the Rules Engine under the source only when there is an MDA join on Standard Objects.

These standard objects will have the following:

  Schema Editability? Data Editability?
Standard Objects Yes Yes
Standard Fields No Yes
Custom Fields Yes Yes

System Fields

  • GSID: Auto generated and unique

  • Created Date: System generated

  • Modified Date: System generated

No No


Data can be ingested into the standard objects using the following options:

  1. Gainsight Connect

  2. S3 Connector

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