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Using Gainsight Sally in Slack (End-user)

Gainsight introduces Sally, the Slack bot from Gainsight. Sally will integrate Gainsight with Slack and once enabled, helps you request information (such as account summary, NPS survey responses, health score, upcoming CTAs, etc.) and also update data (close a CTA) in Gainsight. You can log in to Slack and access “Sally” and start sending direct messages (DM), as you do with any other Slack user. You can send direct messages (DM) to Sally using queries such as “Health Score of Acme”, “Sponsors for Acme”, and “Recent activities for Acme corp”. To read frequently asked questions about Sally, click here

 To get started with using Sally, follow these steps: 

  1. Launch Slack. 
  2. Click Open a Direct Message (+) icon. 

  1. Search for Sally and click Go. Sally appears in your direct messages list.  

  1. Press Go. Sally will be added to your Direct Messages list.

  1. After you have added Sally to the direct messages list, you can request information by sending direct messages. Sally can interpret natural language, so feel free to phrase your questions in a conversational way.

Request information from Sally

Following are some examples of queries you can post to Sally. 

  • Account information
    • Get me the summary of <<company name>>
    • Health score for <<company name>>
    • Show me NPS for <<company name>>
    • Recent activities for <<company name>>
      • Note: Custom activity types from Timeline are supported. 
    • Sponsors for <<company name>>
  • User Information:
    • My CTA
    • CTAs Due Today 
    • CTAs Overdue 
    • Tasks Due Today and Tasks Overdue
  • Account Owner:
    • CSM for  <<company name>>


  • Even if there are minor spelling mistakes in the commands, Sally tries to recognize the request and returns an appropriate response. 
  • Relationship queries are not currently supported but are planned for a future release.

Following are some examples of requesting information from Sally:

  1. View C360 Summary: Command: Summary of amcs group (name of the customer). Using this command, you will get the customer summary of the amcs group. Sally will return the C360 Summary based on the C360 Layout configuration. The Summary layout configuration created in C360 layout will be visible in Slack messaging as well.

  1. View health score of a customer: Command: health score abc financial (name of the customer). Using this command, you can get the health score of abc financial company. If the text in the response message is long, Slack will show a read more... link that navigates you to Gainsight and you can view the information by logging in. 
    • Scorecard response can now be filtered based on the measure group. After you query for a health score for a company, you can filter the score by selecting a measure from the drop-down list.

  1. View C360 Attributes in Sally: Sally will provide information from the C360 Attributes section. If there are multiple Attribute sections, a drop-down appears from which you can select a section and view related information. Similar to Summary response, the layout configuration will be respected here.

  1. Filter timeline entries by Activity Type: Timeline Activities can now be filtered by Activity Type. Sally will now return information about custom activity types along with standard activity types such as Updates, Calls, Meetings, Emails.

  1. Query for CSM of a customer: You can now query for the name of the CSM assigned to an account. Sample Query: CSM for <Customer Name>.

Note: Admins can map the appropriate field in your org to the CSM field in Administration > Customers. However, Sally only recognizes <CSM Name> in queries at this time.


Access CTA related information

Using Sally, you can also access CTA related information like the CTA’s assigned to you, tasks due today, and tasks overdue. When you request CTA related info, the response also contains a link to the Cockpit module, to enable you to take action from Cockpit directly. 
Following are the commands that you can use to to get CTA related information: 

  • My CTA - returns all the CTAs that are assigned to you. 
  • CTAs Due Today - returns the CTAs that are due on the day of query for the logged in user. 
  • CTAs Overdue - returns the the CTAs whose due date is already passed for the logged in user. 
  • Tasks Due Today and Tasks Overdue - returns the tasks due/overdue for the logged in user.  

Note: To access information like CTAs Due Today, CTAs Overdue, Tasks Due/Overdue use the My CTA command first and then use the additional options in the Slack message. 

Following are some examples of accessing CTA related info from Sally:

  1. Command: my cta. Alternatively, you can also navigate to the Cockpit module to take action using the Go To Cockpit link. 

  1. Command(option): Click CTAs Due Today option as shown in the above image. You can close the CTAs that are due today using the Close CTA option that appears in the message.

Multiple Matches Scenario

Multiple matches found scenario: If you have typed Summary of Adobe and Sally finds multiple matches in the Gainsight org, you are presented with all the available matches. You can select a match to view its information. 

  • Select Abbett. The following message appears.

  • If you scroll to end of the message, Sally provides options to view information about the Company. 

Note: If you have questions or any feedback about the feature explained in this article, please start a conversation on
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