Gainsight Connect helps you import SFDC data into MDA standard objects from Account/Customer Info, Company, Relationships, Relationship Type, and User. This is enabled only when MDA Standard objects are created. MDA standard objects are Picklist, User, Company, Relationship Type, and Relationship.


  • This feature is accessible only when Gainsight Support creates MDA standard objects for you.
  • Picklist object in MDA consolidation of SFDC’s Picklist object and picklist data type.

IMPORTANT: Gainsight Connect can take anywhere between several minutes and several hours based on the amount of data getting loaded from SFDC to MDA on Company, Relationship, and Relationship Type standard objects. The following table lists a couple of performance measurement results to make you aware of the expected time involved in completing the larger updates in your initial load.

Object No of Records Time Taken
Relationship 5000 Less than a minute
Company 10000 28 minutes
Company 50000 128 minutes

To import data from SFDC to MDA standard objects:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Operations > Gainsight Connect > Global Activity Log and select Enable/Disable Connect.
    Note: Actions performed on any object appears in this log.
  1. Navigate to Administration > Operations > Gainsight Connect > Objects in Connect.

3. In the Objects In-Import page, click on the import icon under the Action column.

Note: You must import objects in the following order:

  • User
  • Company. To map this object, you must provide the CSM mapping at Administration > General > Customers > CSM

  • Relationship Type
  • Relationship

4. Import data from Gainsight Connect into Standard Objects using SFDC.

Note: The import mapping is predefined for the standard fields; for any additional fields the user wants to import, you can add the fields in GDM and the mapping can be defined here for the newly added fields to import. Data import in Gainsight Connect is like a special Rule type, which allows Admins to import the data from SFDC more frequently.

When you click to import Company, the data will be fetched from the Company table which is in Salesforce. For all the other objects, there is a set of defined mappings that Gainsight will ship by default. There are two ways to import:

  • Import Now: Import data into the standard object since the last import time.
  • Import From Date: Import data into the standard object from the import date specified.

    Note: The standard objects are always imported in this particular order.

5. Click IMPORT. If the import is disabled at Global level, the following error message will be displayed.

    Note: To enable the import, navigate to Gainsight Connect > Global Activity Log > [Select the Enable/Disable Connect check box].

6. Navigate to Gainsight Connect page > Objects in Connect > [Click the edit icon], the Field mappings page is displayed as shown in the following image.


7. Select fields from the list available in the SFDC objects and map the fields. The highlighted part in the following image shows the fields with the drop-down lists.

8. Enable a schedule to repeat the importing activity daily, weekly, or monthly at a particular given time/interval. 
    Following are the fields on the Schedule section when you select the DAILY option:

  • Once: If selected, schedule everyday at a particular time.

  • Repeat: If selected, schedule will be repeated. The minimum time interval between two executions is one hour.

  • Select a Time: The time range in which schedules should run.

9. Click UPDATE. The import configuration gets saved, and the following messages appear.

The data import starts and after completion appears in the log as shown in the image below.

Note: The log is specific to the selected object on which the operation is being performed.