This document will guide you through the steps to authorize MDA in Gainsight:

Administration > Operations > Connectors

Navigate to Administration > Operations > Connectors.

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From the Connectors, activate the Authorize MDA switch.Then authorize Gainsight MDA to use your Salesforce data by clicking on "Authorize".

Click Allow

Click Close

Once Gainsight Matrix Data Platform is authorized, you will have the option to turn on and configure the following:

MDA Storage Limits

General data storage limitations:

1) 30 GB limit of total MDA storage

2) 10 GB or 100 million records (either) is the limit per MDA object (Subject area)

3) 1 million events per day

If you are concerned about exceeding any of these limits, please contact

Regarding data purges:

This can occur if the maximum data storage is reached, but it will only occur after a member of our team informs you that you have reached the limit, and we'll discuss how the purge could occur.