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Gainsight Connect Troubleshooting and FAQs

Below are some troubleshooting procedures and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gainsight Connect functionality that we often hear from customers and their answers. If you have a question that's not answered here or through related support articles, please email

Troubleshooting Procedures

Syncing the Picklist from SFDC to MDA fails

Syncing the standard/system picklists from SFDC to MDA may fail when the SFDC ID of any Picklist in SFDC is changed. This may happen when a picklist in SFDC is deleted and recreated again. To resolve this, raise a ticket to to delete the specific MDA standard/system dropdown list category, create it again, and sync the Picklist through Gainsight Connect.

Syncing the data through Gainsight Connect fails when mapping of the fields of GSID type performed through simple mappings

Fields of GSID type are offered with the derived mappings and they should be mapped by Import lookup only. If the data syncing fails for the above reason, remove the simple field mappings that you have applied and apply the derived field mappings that were offered by Gainsight by default. For more information on the derived mappings, refer Data Import Lookup.

When a user record is deleted or the status is changed in SFDC, the same is not updated in the MDA User object after syncing through Gainsight Connect

When a user record is deleted or the status is changed in SFDC, the same is not updated in the MDA User object after syncing through Gainsight Connect. You need to change a specific user status or delete a specific user record manually from MDA. To change the specific user status in the MDA User object, refer Gainsight User Object.

If a user record is deleted in SFDC, it is recommended to change the specific user status to Inactive in the MDA User object. If you still want to delete a specific user record in the MDA User object, contact with details.

If you create a custom item in an MDA standard/system dropdown list category with the same name as in SFDC, the Picklist syncing fails

If the Picklist syncing fails for the above reason, it displays an error that the items with the same name already exist. To resolve this, you can delete the custom items that you have created in the MDA dropdown list category and perform the Picklist syncing through Gainsight Connect again.


How do I enable Gainsight Connect?

Navigate to Administration > Gainsight Connect > [Click the Enable/disable data import icon] > [Switch the toggle to Enabled]

How do I disable Gainsight Connect ?

Click the Enable/disable data import icon to disable Gainsight Connect. When Gainsight Connect is in disabled state, none of the schedules will be triggered.

Do I need SFDC Admin help in setting up Gainsight Connect?

No, Gainsight Admin can set up Gainsight Connect.

What is minimum possible frequency at which data can be imported?

Every 1 hour. You can check the frequency in Gainsight Connect > Objects In-Import > [click the edit icon on any object] > Schedule section > [Select Enable schedule checkbox] > Repeat (Daily / Weekly / Monthly)

What is the order of import of the Standard Objects in Gainsight Connect?

You must import Standard Objects in the following order:  Picklist → User → Company → Relationship Type → Relationship. Gainsight Connect always maintains this order.

Why aren’t my mapping changes being reflected in the data? What should I do if I still see the data with an older mapping configuration?

Whenever the mapping information is changed, use Import From Date option. If you already imported the data before changing the mapping details, specify the import date when the data was imported for the first time (check in logs). This updates all the data that honors the latest mapping configuration.

What should I do if my data is missing?

There is a difference in the number of records in the SFDC object and the MDA standard object after syncing through Gainsight Connect. The following list specifies the records that are actually imported:

  • Company standard object: Imports all accounts where customer info is not null

  • User standard object: Imports all active users

  • Relationship and Relationship Type standard objects: All the records are imported

Are there other possible reasons for missing records?

Check the logs for that particular object to see failure records, click on the error to download the error file, fix the error reason and set the import from "Date" to the date when failure of record occurred and re-import.

What should I do in case of Data Discrepancy between the SFDC Object and Standard MDA Object?

You might have noticed such data discrepancies with the formula fields; Gainsight recommends you avoid importing calculated fields.

Will any of the existing functionalities (such as Reporting etc.) be affected?

No, none of the existing functionalities will be affected by enabling Gainsight Connect and importing data.

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