Activity Configuration

Can I add custom activity types?

Yes, under Administration > Activities, you can configure and create new activity types. You may create a maximum of 11 activity types.

Can I email an Activity?

No. However, Admins can enable an option to track Email Assist tasks on the Timeline in Administration > Calls to Action > General Settings.

Can I remove fields, like Duration, from the Activity layout?

No. You can add fields to Activity layouts under the Administration tab > Activities, but you can't remove the standard fields.

Do CTAs created from Timeline have a default reason?

Yes, the default reason is selected in Administration > Call to action.

Reporting, Rules, & Data Syncing

Can I build reports on Timeline Activities?

Yes, in the Report Builder, select the Activity Timeline source object. However, Notes, External Attendees, and Internal Attendees information are not available for selection in the Activity Timeline object. To view this information, click the subject in the report. The activity opens in a new web page.

Can you automatically write things to Timeline via rules?

No, but it is on the roadmap.

Can Activities be loaded into the Timeline with DataLoader?

Not at this time. Also, all Timeline data lives in MDA, not SFDC.

Can you drop a Milestone in connection to an Activity?

No, milestones are not integrated with Activities or the Timeline view today.

Do Timeline Activities auto-sync to SFDC Activities?

This is an option that the Admin must enable for each Activity type under Administration > Activities.

How often do Activities get synced to SFDC?

Activities are synced to SFDC in batches every 4 hours. If there are fewer than 50 activities created across your org, then they will sync at least once every 24 hours. In addition, a new option for Administrators to initiate an immediate manual sync from Administration > Activity Sync page is provided. Clicking this option will trigger a sync job immediately for all activities to either Salesforce Tasks or Events, per your configuration. 

Will the Activity sync to SFDC become real time in the future?

We don't have near-term plans to make the sync real-time, as that impacts SFDC API consumption.

Is it possible to load SFDC Activity history to the Timeline view?

No. The sync to SFDC Activities is one-directional; it syncs Gainsight Activities to SFDC Activities.

What happens to my Activity data that was logged during the Beta?

You can report on any past activity data. Beta status of this feature is now removed. The Timeline is a fully functional feature in Gainsight. All the activities that users create are stored in the MDA, and also reporting is available for activities.

Do activities logged in SFDC sync back to Gainsight? Can they be imported, or is it a one way sync?

Currently, it's a one way sync. Bi-directional sync is on the roadmap.

Can you build rules with Timeline Activities? If so, what can and can't be done with them?

Only Bionic rules can be built from Timeline Activity data. Object Name = Activity Timeline. Limitation: Notes and attendees cannot be added in show fields or filters as they are not available in this object.

Timeline Availability

Is the Timeline view available on the Relationship360?

Yes. Refer to Configure Timeline for 360 for instructions on how to enable it on the R360.

Is the Timeline view visible in Gainsight Account or Opportunity widgets?

Yes. Refer to Configure Timeline for 360 for instructions on how to enable it in these pages.

Activity Notetaking

Can users add links or attachments to Activity notes?

Users can include links in their activity notes and file attachments.

What is the character limit on the Notes field?

32,000 characters, excluding HTML tags

What type of text formatting can I use to format my Notes?

Rich text formatting functions are supported in Notes, including indentation, bullets, bold, etc.

Will my draft be saved if I am entering notes and navigate away from the page?

Yes, an incomplete activity is saved as a draft, private to the user, and is auto-saved every 15 seconds.

Where are the internal and external contact names coming from in the activities?

The contacts must exist as Users or Contact records in SFDC in order for the CSM to associate them with an activity. Internal contact names are fetched from User object in SFDC and External contact names are fetched from Contact object in SFDC. 

Is there a way to search in Timeline by an external attendee?

Not yet, but it's on the product roadmap.

Activities & CTAs

Can Activities be linked to CTAs?

Yes. When a user creates tasks from the 360 > Timeline, a CTA is automatically created with the same name as the subject of the Activity, with the associated tasks. 

If I make tasks with different owners, will there be more than one CTA created and posted in their respective CTA lists?

No. When a user starts creating Tasks in a Timeline Activity, the tasks are automatically associated with a CTA that has the same name as the subject of the Activity. The individual tasks can have different owners, but there will only be one CTA. 

Can I configure a rule to trigger CTAs based off of Activities? 

The Activity Timeline object can be used as a source object only in Bionic Rules. For example, you can use the data from the Activity Timeline object and create a CTA if the number of meetings with the customer in the last month is zero. 

When should I create a CTA & tasks from Timeline instead of from the Cockpit?

When there is an action item in a customer meeting or call, create followup tasks directly in the Timeline. This is an easy inline way to add ad-hoc tasks. 

When we complete a CTA, will it automatically be reflected in the Timeline?

No, only the activities with associated CTA/tasks will display in Timeline. 

What can users do from the 360 Timeline versus the Cockpit?

  • For tasks created in 360: Read/Write in Cockpit, Read/Write in 360
  • For tasks created in Cockpit: Read/Write in Cockpit, Read ONLY in 360
  • For Draft Activities created in Cockpit: See in Cockpit ONLY
  • For Draft Activities created in 360: See in 360 ONLY

Our product team is working on solving technical limitations to make the tasks and draft activities accessible and editable from everywhere.