For example, you may want to create different layouts for your executives and your CSMs; or you may want to have different layouts for your Enterprise customers, and your SMB customers. You could also create a different layout for each stage of a customer’s lifecycle, or for customers versus channel partners.


  • For existing customers, the existing CS360 sections will appear in the Default Layout.
  • In addition to the Default Layout, you can create up to 10 layouts.
  • Custom layouts are honored in Gainsight widgets.


  • Clone (make a copy) of the default layout and then make changes as necessary.

Configure CS360 Layouts

To configure CS360 Layouts:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > CS360 Layouts.
  2. Click + LAYOUT.
  1. Enter information in the following fields:
  • Name: The name of the CS360 layout being created.
  • Description: The description of the layout being created.
  1. Click SAVE. The layout gets created as shown in the following image.
  1. Hover over the created layout and then click the Pencil icon.
  1. Drag-and-drop the desired sections available in the left pane to the right, as shown in the following image.


  • Click the pencil icon on the section to select the Show in options. For example, if Customer 360 is selected, the section will appear on the CS360 page.
  • The Customer 360 checkbox is selected by default when a section is added to the layout.
  • The layout is saved automatically.
  1. Click the Gear icon of the section to configure. For more information on configuring sections, refer to Configure the C360 page and section types.
  2. Click the Back arrow icon to assign the created layout based on a specific condition.

Note: To add a related list (report) or embedded page to the CS360, drag the Section/Embed Page option to the right.

Assign CS360 Layouts

Layouts can be assigned to different Accounts and Users based on 1 Account attribute field (such as Account Stage) and 1 User attribute field (such as User Role). (Note: you are not required to select an Account attribute.) Then you can add multiple attribute values, so that accounts in the "implementation" stage, for example, are assigned an implementation layout; whereas, accounts in the "adopting" stage, are assigned an adoption layout.

  1. Click Assign Layout.
  1. In the Assign Criteria For Layouts window, select 1 Account attribute under Pick a Account Attribute, and select 1 User Attribute under Pick a User Attribute. For example, under Pick a Account Attribute, you can select Account Type and enter its value as Customer, and under Pick a User Attribute, you can select User Type and enter the value as Standard. Finally, under Assign a Layout, you can select the recently created layout. You can create any number of conditions for assigning a layout to an Account.


  • Click the + icon to add additional conditions for the layout.
  • If any of the configured conditions do not match, the Default Layout is automatically used for displaying sections on the C360 page.
  • If more than one criteria is met for an account, then the first matching layout is displayed.
  1. Click SAVE.

Information: In Administration > Analytics, the Gainsight 360 feature enables customers to view their organization's 'Gainsight product usage data' through a separate layout configured by Gainsight Admin/BizOps. Gainsight 360 does not include information on Gainsight customer's customers.
Customers need to send a request to to have the Gainsight 360 feature enabled. For more information, refer to the View Gainsight 360 article.