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Introduction to Advanced Outreach

With Gainsight Advanced Outreach, you can design multi-step outreaches that guide your customer through a responsive series of email interactions to reach an enhanced outcome. Advanced Outreach can help you:

  • Translate your existing customer data into purposeful communication campaigns
  • Guide customers to outcomes with precisely orchestrated outreaches
  • Gain greater insight with sophisticated funnel analytics

IMPORTANT: This is a completely separate feature from CoPilot Outreach. Customers should continue to use the existing Outreach feature for operational emails, to log emails to Salesforce, and to use the Time Identifier feature, which gives users the ability to send emails at different times to different recipients based on defined criteria. In all other cases, the Advanced Outreach feature is the recommended option.

With Advanced Outreaches, Admins have more control over the Outreach’s participants, by scheduling daily checks for new contacts within a Power List, building queries using the power of Bionic Rules, and by creating contact Exclusion Lists via a CSV. 

Multi-Variant Emails are supported, and Advanced Outreaches only work with Email Templates 2.0. 



  • If you do not have access to Advanced Outreaches, contact to request access.
  • Before you configure the Adv. Outreach, you must create your email templates. Refer to the Create CoPilot Email Templates article for instructions. Note: only email templates created with the Email Templates 2.0 designer are compatible with Advanced Outreach.
  • For AO models that include a survey link:
    • Configure your survey in the Survey module and make sure to set CoPilot as the Email Service in the Properties section. Refer to How to Build a Survey for instructions.
    • Set up a survey domain with a secure URL (SSL) and use a secure site address to publish the survey. You can learn more about this process within the article Setup Salesforce Survey Domain & Test Survey Setup

After Advanced Outreaches is enabled, navigate to CoPilot > Advanced Outreach to create an advanced outreach or access existing advanced outreaches.

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