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Email Templates 2.0 FAQ


Are Email Templates 2.0 built on the base of Email Templates 1.0, or is it new tech architecture?

This will be new architecture, though it will be located in the same area of the Gainsight product. 2.0 Templates will be differentiated from 1.0 templates by a darker shade of blue on the email template card.


If new architecture, what were the key reasons we “started over”?

Email Templates 2.0 will resolve formatting issues present in the original Email Templates Feature. This new architecture was also necessary for compatibility with new features such as Advanced Outreach and future release enhancements. 

Should all new customers start using Email Templates 2.0? Should customers use Email Templates 1.0 for anything?

Yes, new customers should use Email Templates 2.0. By default, all newly created email templates will use the Email Template 2.0 tech architecture. New features, such as Advanced Outreach, will only support Email Templates 2.0. The 1.0 Templates can be cloned as new 1.0 templates and can still be used with the original Outreach feature.

When should existing customers start using 2.0?

All new templates must be created using 2.0 architecture.

Is there a required cutover or can both 1.0 and 2.0 run in parallel?

1.0 Templates can still be used with the standard Outreach feature. However, Advanced Outreaches only work with 2.0 templates.

Can existing content or data be migrated or used with the 2.0 feature?

Currently, we don’t have an automated conversion option available. However, the HTML content from 1.0 templates can be copied and pasted into 2.0 templates as needed.

Are Gainsight Services required to assist with migration or 2.0 configuration?

No, Email Templates 2.0 will be available automatically after the 5.6 release.

What are the benefits of moving to 2.0?

2.0 will no longer be plagued by the formatting issues present in 1.0. Using 2.0 templates is required for new features such as Advanced Outreach as well as future enhancements. The original email templates tech architecture was not designed with these features in mind and a new tech architecture was required.

Do Email Assist Tasks (tied to Playbooks) work with Email Templates 2.0?

Yes, Email Assist tasks work with Email Templates 1.0 and 2.0.

Do 2.0 templates address the issue with the imageID changing each time HTML code is updated?

Yes, Email Templates 2.0 resolve this issue.

Will I encounter problems or limitations if I don’t use 2.0?

You will be unable to use email templates with some new features, including Advanced Outreaches.

Is there functionality in 1.0 that won’t be available right away with 2.0?

2.0 Templates cannot directly embed a survey or report within them. Instead, a placeholder token can be added in the template. The specific survey or report will be added during the Outreach configuration.

Can I clone my 1.0 Email Templates?

Yes, 1.0 Email Templates can be cloned. The resulting template will still exist as a 1.0 version.

Are inline survey questions available within Email Templates 2.0?

No, inline survey questions are currently on the roadmap of future product enhancements. We will provide additional updates as more information on this enhancement becomes available.

Are the improvements for email templates only for Advanced Outreaches, or will they apply to both Email Templates 2.0 and 1.0?

After upgrading to 5.6, there will be only one email template designer. This will work for both Advance Outreaches and existing Outreaches.


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