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Send Shared C360 Layouts through Advanced Outreaches

Advanced Outreach emails can send Shared C360 Layouts with contacts who are loaded to GS Person/ Internal User. You can add a link or button to an Email Template and send it to participants using an Advanced Outreach.

Prerequisite: To successfully use this feature, you must populate the Company Person object using the Load to Person action in a rule.

To add a Shared C360 Layout in Adv. Outreach: 

  1. Select either a Link or Button.
  • For each option you can select the display text and decide to Enable Link Tracking.
  • For the Button option, you can set the Width and Height.


2. Navigate to CoPilot > Advanced Outreach page.

3. Create or edit an Adv. Outreach.

4. In the Adv. Outreach model, edit an email step.

5. Select an email template that contains the C360 link or button. The email template preview loads in the screen.

6. Click on the Link or button in the preview. The Map Layout Token dialog appears.


7. Select a layout from the list and click Update. This dialog lists all of the available Shared C360 layouts in the Gainsight Org.

8. Click SAVE and schedule the outreach as required.


  • Each email step in the AO model can have only one Shared C360 Layout. Even if you have multiple placeholders in the email template, all of the links will point to the same shared C360 Layout in the email step.
  • You can select a different Shared C360 Layout for each email in the Adv. Outreach model.
  • Only participants who are synced to the Gainsight Users and Gainsight Persons object can receive emails with C360 views.
  • Participants that aren’t synced will be dropped from the Adv. Outreach if they come to a step that has a link, and moved to a completed status.
  • If the Adv. Outreach has a Shared C360 link and you preview the email, a dummy link appears.
  • If you use the Email Copy option, and a Shared C360 Layout link/button is present, the email copy will be sent to the intended participant.
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