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Advanced Outreach: Participant Activity Feed

Advanced Outreach offers an activity feed view for each participant. The activity feed appears as a flow diagram and displays each step of the participant journey in the Advanced Outreach. This includes when the participant was sent an email, how long the participant waited between each step, the participant responses to a survey, and when the participant was dropped from the AO journey and also the failure reason. You can also use the Refresh feed option on the Activity Feed page to view the latest updates.

Note: For Advanced Outreaches created before the 5.10 release, the Participant Activity Feed may not appear correctly

To access the activity feed for a participant:

  1. Navigate to CoPilot > Advanced Outreach and locate an advanced outreach that is in an active state.

  2. Hover over the outreach and click Activity. Or, you can edit the AO and click Activity from the AO model screen.


  1. In the Activity Feed screen, click View Activity for an individual participant. 




The Activity Feed screen appears.


View participant’s response from the feed: If the participant responded to a survey, there will be a link to the response within the activity feed. This link will open the response in a new tab.

View failure reasons: You can view the reason why a participant was dropped from the journey using the View failure reason link in the activity feed. 


Refresh Feed: The Refresh option displays the latest feed from the AO for that participant.

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