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Although Gsnap and CoPilot are not fully integrated at this time, we do have a fairly simple workaround that enables you to send Gsnaps via CoPilot, or with Email Assist Tasks. This is helpful in situations where you want to:

  • Send Gsnaps to multiple customers at the same time
  • Send Gsnaps based on customer data: usage, change of stage etc. e.g., You can send a welcome Gsnap when a customer stage changes to closed-won.
  • Send a Gsnap along with customer data such as usage reports.
  • Send Gsnap from Email Assist tasks in Cockpit. Since Email assist requires using a CoPilot email template, you can easily add the Gsnap link in the playbook Email Assist task. (Follow steps 1 - 4 below, and then create an Email Assist task. See the article Send Email Tasks from Cockpit (aka, Email Assist) for more information.)

Step 1 - Record the Gsnap

See the article Gsnap for CSMs: Personalized Video Communications for instructions on how to record a Gsnap, and then email it to yourself.

Step 2 - Copy the video link

From the email, click the video and copy the link in the browser.

Step 3 - Create CoPilot template with speaker's image

See the article Create CoPilot Email Templates for instructions on how to create your CoPilot email template. In the email template, upload an image of the Gsnap recording, or of the speaker featured in the recording

Step 4 - Add the video link to the speaker's image

Add the video link from step 2 above to the image in the email template.

Step 5 - Create a Power List & Schedule the Outreach

See the articles Create CoPilot Power Lists (aka, email contact list) and Create and Execute CoPilot Outreaches (aka, schedule emails) for instructions on how to create a CoPilot power list (contact list), and schedule the Outreach.

Notes on Analytics

  • Gsnap statistics (Thanks, View count) will be recorded only for the original recipient for whom the link was generated.
  • User analytics are available in CoPilot, instead of Gsnap.
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