Create Power List for Relationships

In CoPilot > Power Lists, you can now create a power list for a relationship type. This power list can be generated using the Data Spaces associated with the selected relationship type. To learn more about Data Spaces, see the article Data Spaces Overview. For example, if you have Relationship Contact (likely to have an email ID field in it) as a linked object, you can use the associated default data space ([Relationship Type name + Relationship Contact]) to filter out contacts for your power list.

In addition, if you want to select contacts from a specific data space, for example, ([Relationship Type Name + CTA]), then select the appropriate data space and add additional criteria. This strategy helps you fetch contacts from filtered relationships.

Create Email Templates

In CoPilot > Email Templates, select Relationship and the appropriate Relationship Type to create an email template specifically for a Relationship Type. Creating relationship-type specific email templates enables you to include relationship-type specific surveys, and relationship attributes for token mapping.

Send Relationship Surveys via CoPilot

In CoPilot > Email Templates, if you create a template for a relationship type, all the surveys created for that particular relationship type will be available to send via CoPilot.

Create Outreaches

Similarly, in CoPilot > Outreaches, select Relationship and the appropriate Relationship Type to create an outreach specifically for a relationship type.

Filter Analytics for Account or Relationship

In the CoPilot > Analytics > Customer tab, you can view the analytics for a relationship email. You can filter the analytics for an account or a relationship with the Account/Relationship options.