This article explains how to enable CoPilot in your org, and how to assign CoPilot permissions to users. For general information on CoPilot, see the article CoPilot & Automated Email Overview.

CoPilot Tab

CoPilot Sub Tab

Note: For new customers, the CoPilot tab is visible by default. For established customers, navigate to the Salesforce ribbon, click +, and then click Customize My Tabs. When you add the CoPilot tab to your tabs and save, CoPilot will be available under the primary navigation icon in Gainsight.


You must perform the following steps to use the CoPilot feature:

Step 1: Provision Salesforce with the Matrix Data Architecture (MDA)

When you first click CoPilot, you see the following message if you have not already provisioned Salesforce with the MDA.

Step 1: Provision Salesforce with the Matrix Data Architecture (MDA)

Perform the following steps to complete this process:

1. Click Go To Settings, which will take you to Gainsight Application Settings.

2. In the MDA Settings, click Edit.

3. Check the Matrix Data Architecture Connection checkbox.

4. Click Save.

Step 2: Set CoPilot Permissions

1. Navigate to Administration > CoPilot Permissions.

2. Click + Users.

3. From the Available Users section, select the desired user name and click Add.

4. In the Select Permissions section, select the appropriate permissions.

5. Click Save.