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Common Errors and Reasons

Execution Log Errors

{"message":"Your query request was running for too long.","errorCode":"QUERY_TIMEOUT"}

Too many records on SFDC object making query run too long.

[{"message":"\nalias5, COUNT(Id) alias6 From Project_Contact_Roles__c Where ((Project__r.Last_Subscription_Start_Date__c\n ^\nERROR at Row:1:Column:216\nsObject type 'Project_Contact_Roles__c' is not supported. If you are attempting to use a custom object, be sure to append the '__c' after the entity name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe scall for the appropriate names.","errorCode":"INVALID_TYPE"}]

Check user Permission on Object.

No comprehensive error for CTAs w/ Sync Enabled or Load to Customer Rules.

Error is due to limited Customer Org Resource. This happens when there are triggers, workflow rules, validation rules and process builders enabled on the object.

Pop Up Error

Unable to resolve the undefined comment token gsd93971. Delete the token and try adding it again.

Remove and re-add Tokens.


User not logged in.

Rules Engine results Error : Reason For Failure  

Action:Load to Customers
“Last_Services_End_Date__c is null”

Loading field is null in query.

Survey Errors

When uploading CSV, “Schedule could not be created with the selected participants. This can happen when email addresses and/or contact records are missing.”

During Delivery
“Contact Not Found”
Contact not found in SFDC

Data Load Aggregation Errors


Customer does not exist in Gainsight.

S3/ Data Import Errors

“Unable to parse number: Paid at row number 2”

Incorrect Field Type Association

Directory Listing Error using Cyberduck

Make sure to copy S3 bucket path from gstext forward.

Other errors

Message: Unexpected end of JSON Input


"statusCode": 200,

"type": "rpc",

"tid": 18,

"ref": false,

"action": "JBCXM.WorkFlowBroker",

"method": "workFlowRequestBroker",

"result": {

"dataObj": false,

"errCode": "",

"errMsg": "invalid ID field: Danielle Donovan",

"success": false


"status": true


User State Preservation is not working properly, need script.



"errMsg": "The component query [] failed to execute. []",

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