This article will walk you through how to assign a Gainsight License to a Salesforce User.


Manage Licenses

To assign Gainsight licenses you will:

  • Click on Setup in the top right
  • Type Install in the quick find and click on Installed Packaged under App Setup
  • Next to JBara CSM click Manage License

By default, the user who installed Gainsight is assigned a license.  This screen shows the number of Allowed Licenses and number of Used Licenses.  Click Add Users to assign the remaining licenses.  

  • Check the names of the users you want to assign.
  • Click Add


  • Admins may also need to add permission sets for some users in order for them to see the Gainsight app in their menu.
  • If your organization uses the Gainsight Survey module, and creates a survey site in Salesforce, a license will be assigned to the survey user. The license is used only for survey site setup and does not have an associated cost. The survey license will, however, be added to your organization's total number of purchased licenses on the Gainsight Licenses page.
  • If a user is granted a license but marked Inactive, they are still using a license. Unchecking the "Active" box just suspends their access. If you want to free up that license, you need to remove the inactive user.