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PX-CS Integration

This article explains the various entities that can be synced from Gainsight CS to Gainsight PX and vice versa, in a CS-PX integration.


Gainsight allows you to integrate CS with PX to sync features, engagement, and survey data from PX to CS Once you sync data from CS to PX, you can get insights about your PX data in CS features, such as Reports, Scorecards, and Journey Orchestrators. 

This article describes the entities whose data can be synced from PX to CS.

Gainsight recommends you refer to the Standard Object Dictionary, from the Additional Resources section, for CS- PX integration, and then proceed with this article. 

Key Terms

  • Object: An object is an entity which holds data in various tables. An account is an object which is generally used to store customer data. 

  • Fields: The tables used in an object are called Fields. Account Name is generally used as a field in the Account object to store the names of all the customers. 

  • Data Type. Every field is associated with a data type. Data type governs the nature of data that can be stored in the field. The Account Name field is generally associated with the String data type and holds string values. 

  • Attributes: Attributes are equivalent to Fields in Gainsight PX. PX attributes are also associated with a particular data type. Every Attribute in PX name has a corresponding View Name column associated with it.  

CS to PX Integration  

This section describes the entities from which you can fetch the data into PX from CS. During this integration, data is fetched from Salesforce objects. These configurations are performed in Gainsight PX. For more information, refer to the Salesforce Integration article from the Additional Resources section. 

You can sync any field from the Account object or the Contact object to Gainsight PX. The Account Object can be mapped with the Account object in PX and Contact Object with the User Object. 

Note: Currently, Gainsight PX does not support data sync from the Customer Info or Company objects. To sync fields from Customer Info or Company objects, you must create an equivalent field in the Account object and sync this field’s value to PX. 

PX to CS Integration

The following table lists the entities that can be synced.


Data that can be synced

Nature of Aggregation that you can perform


Data captured from Product Mapper. 

You can add, count, or Group By Feature name (Product Mapper), Company/Account, and User/Person object.


The number of times a user viewed an engagement (engagement clicks and completions are not displayed).

You can add, count, or Group By Engagement Name, Company/Account, and User/Person object.

Surveys (click here to view the available configuration options)

Sync all the data Survey manually to a custom object.  

You can perform all the operations supported by Gainsight, once survey data is synced to Gainsight. 

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