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Gainsight CS Integrations


Gainsight PX can automatically pass usage data to your Gainsight instance to empower Gainsight users to build best-in-class account health score and as an input for relevant CTA's.

Gainsight customers that opt-in for free usage data provided by Gainsight PX can see the following integration module under the Gainsight PX platform integration tab.


Usage Metrics

The following usage metrics are pushed daily:

  • Tracked User attributes
  • Tracked Account attributes
  • Tracked Features
  • Aggregated Events
  • Custom Events

In case you are using Gainsight PX in-app experiences additional experience metrics are pushed.


Daily totals are sent from Gainsight PX to Gainsight CS every night at  3 AM for the previous day. Subsequently the data is loaded into the CS system. Events for a given day are not visible in Gainsight CS until the following day.

Leverage Usage Data in Gainsight's CS Platform

  • Health Score: adding depth & breadth of Adoption
  • Call to Actions & Playbooks - Adoption Score and Activity
  • Email Assist - Adoption Drop / Check-in / Congratulations on Improved Adoption

C360 Sections - Usage Section

  • Active Users vs Total Users by week
  • Total Features by week
  • Total Sessions by week



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Customer 360



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