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Gainsight CS Integrations

ATTENTION: Documentation Updates are in Process
We are in the process of updating the screenshots, GIFs, and content to match the latest UX based on the Horizon Experience’s new look and feel. To learn more about the Horizon Experience in Gainsight PX, click here.


Gainsight PX can automatically pass usage data to your Gainsight instance to empower Gainsight users to build best-in-class account health score and as an input for relevant CTA's.

Gainsight customers that opt-in for free usage data provided by Gainsight PX can see the following integration module under the Gainsight PX platform integration tab.


Usage Metrics

The following usage metrics are pushed daily:

  • Tracked User attributes
  • Tracked Account attributes
  • Tracked Features
  • Aggregated Events
  • Custom Events

In case you are using Gainsight PX in-app experiences additional experience metrics are pushed.


Daily totals are sent from Gainsight PX to Gainsight CS every night at  3 AM for the previous day. Subsequently the data is loaded into the CS system. Events for a given day are not visible in Gainsight CS until the following day.

Leverage Usage Data in Gainsight's CS Platform

  • Health Score: adding depth & breadth of Adoption
  • Call to Actions & Playbooks - Adoption Score and Activity
  • Email Assist - Adoption Drop / Check-in / Congratulations on Improved Adoption

C360 Sections - Usage Section

  • Active Users vs Total Users by week
  • Total Features by week
  • Total Sessions by week



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Customer 360



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