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Gainsight PX Digital Hub Integration

This article explains how to configure Gainsight Digital Hub(DH) with Gainsight PX, to add Digital Hub content in Knowledge Center Bot.


This article explains how to integrate Gainsight PX with Gainsight Digital Hub(DH) to access Knowledge Center articles. Digital Hub is an interactive platform which helps customers and Gainsight’s internal teams to share and discuss feedback, queries, and suggestions on the technical enhancements and latest product updates. When PX is configured with Digital Hub, in-app Knowledge Center Bots help you to deploy personalized content (such as onboarding or adoption checklists, key resources including FAQ or best practice articles) directly in your application. For more information refer to the Digital Hub website.


You must have DH Admin Console credentials to generate API Base URL, Client ID, and Client Secret to configure the integration. 

Integrate Digital Hub

To configure the integration between Gainsight PX and Digital Hub:

  1. Login to Gainsight PX with your personal credentials. 
  2. Navigate to Administration > Integrations. The Integrations page appears.
  3. Navigate to the Knowledge Center Integrations section.
  4. On the Digital Hub card, click the Settings icon.

DH Settings.jpg

  1. In the Configuration section, enter the Community DomainAPI Base URL, Client ID, and Client Secret generated in the Digital Hub Admin Console. The integration fetches open categories by default, it is recommended to provide the Author ID to fetch all the categories that the specific author has permission for and then configure the Bot to show specific categories. You can fetch the Author ID in the following two ways:
  • Use the following API and filter by email of the user. From the response, take the userid which is the authorID of the specific user. 
  • From the community profile URL, the last four numbers indicate the Author ID.


  1. Click Authenticate. 
  2. In the Categories and Product Areas sections, select the categories and product areas respectively, for which content must be fetched.

DH Categories.jpg

  1. Click Apply.

DH Apply Category.jpg

From the listed categories as shown in the above screenshot, you can select specific or all categories to fetch content from Digital Hub. Categories and Product Areas selected here will be available to configure on Knowledge Center Bot to the end-user.

To verify if the Digital Hub integration is successful with Gainsight PX: 

  1. Login to Gainsight PX with your personal credentials.
  2. Navigate to Knowledge Center Bot > Bots. The Knowledge Center page appears with all the bots listed..
  3. Select the desired Bot and navigate to the Editor section.
  4. Navigate to the Search tab. The Enable Digital Hub toggle switch is enabled if your PX subscription is successfully integrated with Digital Hub.

Enable DH.jpg

For more information on how to add Digital Hub community content in the KC Bot, refer to the Configure Digital Hub for KC Bot section of the Knowledge Center Bot article.

Remove Digital Hub from Gainsight PX

To remove the integration between Gainsight PX and Gainsight Digital Hub, click the Delete icon on the DH card.  

DH Disable Integration.jpg

IMPORTANT: To remove the Digital Hub integration from Gainsight PX, ensure that the integration is turned off for all bots which have Digital Hub content added.

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