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Using the Gainsight PX Chrome Extension

This article explains how to configure Gainsight PX plug-in for Google Chrome browser.


The Gainsight PX chrome extension is a plug-in for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to simulate the Gainsight PX installation. This allows you to explore the Gainsight PX features and functionalities on your web application without the support of your engineering team to do the installation, documented here.

Note: This is a plug-in and only works on your local browser session.


Ensure you have access to a PX subscription to use the PX Chrome extension. To sign up for a subscription, click here. After you sign up, click here to install the PX Chrome plugin. The plug-in appears on your toolbar.


After the Chrome plugin is installed, navigate to the extension options and validate the SDK Configuration URL:


Configure PX Chrome Extension with Product Key

After you install the plug-in, associate it with your Gainsight PX subscription. Click on the Gainsight PX plug-in and enter the Product Key manually or auto-populate it in the Settings section. Populate the product key using either of the following:

  • Gainsight PX Product Mapper
  • Your web application URL

Populate Product Key Using PX Product Mapper 

  1. Log in to Gainsight PX.
  2. From the left pane, click Product Mapper.
  3. Click Start Mapping


Product Key is populated to Chrome plug-in.


Populate Product Key Using Your Application URL 

Append ?aptProductKey=[PRODUCTKEY] to the URL of your web application. For example, ''

Update the following fields in the Identify section on the Chrome plug-in pop up and click on the Track User button.

  • User ID: [optional]
  • First Name: [Enter your first name]
  • Last Name: [Enter your last name]
  • User email: [Enter your email]
  • Account ID: [optional]
  • Account Name: [auto-populated]


The front end events are captured when you navigate through your web application. The PX chrome plug-in also supports the Product Mapping, and allows you to create and launch engagements in your chrome browser session.

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