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Gainsight PX Accessibility (A11Y)


Gainsight PX is committed to continuously improving the accessibility of PX features and functionality in accordance with WCAG 2.1 Accessibility Standards (Level AA).

Gainsight PX Engagements, Templates for engagements and Knowledge Center Bot (KC Bot) come with default accessibility standards including keyboard accessibility via tab navigation, alt tags, outline focus, aria labels for screen reader accessibility. However, it is important to note that the content created as part of the PX Engagements must be designed and coded appropriately in compliance with the accessibility standards. Gainsight PX uses default Document Object Model (DOM) behavior and standards for Engagements. Therefore, the content can be accessed to include accessibility standards via standard HTML/CSS patterns. The following sections contain a few recommendations.

Note: Gainsight PX platform does not automatically screen or test guides for accessibility issues. Gainsight recommends that you test accessibility of the PX content with your application interface.

Tools such as Siteimprove and Lighthouse are available to test accessibility for instant use.

Build PX Content with Accessibility in Mind

You must consider the following recommendations while building PX content.

Alternative Text

Use alternative text for images and other media content. The alternative text is used by screen readers to provide information to the user that otherwise may not be visible. 

For example, the following html snippet for an image specifies an alternative text of ‘Completed’ that can be used by screen readers:

<img alt=”Completed” src=”https://…”>

For more information on Alternative Text, click here

For more information on Screen Readers, click here.

Keyboard Accessibility (Tab Navigation)

While PX Engagements, Templates for engagements and KC Bot support keyboard accessibility via tab navigation by default, the elements tabbing order can be updated to begin with a different element. As mentioned above, PX content follows standard HTML/CSS patterns and therefore, the ‘tabindex’ html attribute can be used to change the order. The default selected element can be updated using code similar to the following:


Event Tracking

In addition to the mouse clicks, PX  tracks keyboard events such as Enter/Return, and Space. This is disabled by default, and needs to be enabled under Administration > SDK Settings.

Keyboard events tracking_Admin.png

Outline Focus

Gainsight PX Content is built to automatically use the default focus styling defined by the browser but PX users can choose to override the default style or remove it, for example using the following code:

outline-style: none !important;

High Contrast Colors

Colors against backgrounds should have a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1. For example, dark grey text on a white background is more accessible than light grey text and so forth.


Gainsight PX Engagements support the ability to reference multimedia such as videos. Any such content referenced in engagements should also be conformed to the accessibility standards such as captions, transcripts, and easy to read text.

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