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Subscription Clean Up

This article explains how to delete users from PX Subscription.


Gainsight PX allows you to delete users from your subscription. You can opt to delete specific users using the Gainsight PX public API. To delete all users from your subscription contact the PX support team at

Delete Specific Users From Your Subscription

Use the Gainsight PX API to delete one or more users from your subscription.

Request Method: Delete

Path: v1/users/{identifyId}

API Endpoint:



Name  Type  Description
hardDelete Boolean

To delete a user, set hardDelete = False.

  • If a user with the same ID is created or updated within the next 7 days, the previously deleted record will be revived with all of its associated event history. 

  • If a user with the same ID is created or updated after 7 days, a totally new record with no event history will be created.

Note: To disable the current record from being revived in future, set the hardDelete flag to true.
identifyID String User ID (from identify call)

For more information refer to the Gainsight PX REST API swagger documentation.

Delete All Users from Your Subscription

To delete all users or to delete more than 1000 user records from your subscription, contact the Gainsight PX Support team at

You can also create a new PX Subscription and associate your product with it. This will allow you to start afresh. You can manually move any configurations from the previous PX subscription over to the new PX subscription.

Delete a PX Subscription

To delete a PX subscription and also delete all the data associated with it, contact the Gainsight PX Support team at