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Set Audience for Multi-Language Engagements

Companies interested in growing and expanding into global markets need to be able to speak local languages. Gainsight PX makes it easy for the users to deliver in-app messages in a variety of languages. This article explains how you can create an engagement based on user Browser Language, Inferred Location, etc.


You can configure audience rules to create an engagement based on the user’s local language/location/custom event.

Browser Language

Select your desired browser language to trigger engagement. You cannot present a single engagement in multiple languages. For example: If you have created an engagement in Arabic, you can only present the engagement in Arabic language. And, if you want this engagement to be presented to other language audience, create a new engagement by selecting the language of your choice.


Inferred Location

Inferred Location populates the user’s location based on their IP address information. For example: India in the following screenshot.

inferred location.gif

To learn about all frequently asked questions, refer In-App Engagements FAQs article.

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